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Drunk or Just Dumb

No, not another post about politics.

We are talking about a cool new Gmail feature from Gmail Labs called Mail Goggles.

Late at night when you are a bit too sleepy or maybe had one too many adult beverages Mail Goggles steps in to make sure you really want to send that email, the one that next morning you may very much regret having sent.

How does Mail Goggles check that you are coherent? It gives you a math quiz! Yikes!

Good news is that you can set the level of difficulty to those math problems. Even if I were to set the difficulty level to remedial, my email probably never would be sent.

Enable Mail Goggles under Labs under Settings when logged into Gmail.

By default, Mail Goggles is only active late night on the weekend; however, you can adjust days and times in the General settings.

A few other features under Labs include Custom keyboard shortcuts; Mark as Read Button; and one that I definitely need, Forgotten Attachment Detector.

Bottom line, your email will not be sent if you had too much to drink or you are inept at math.

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