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“Inception” See it 4K and in a D-BOX Seat

I don’t get out to the movies as much as I used to, but “Inception” is one movie that I want to see on the big screen.

Camera 7 has 4K Digital Projection on their big screen. I asked Dominic Espinosa, Camera Cinemas District Manager, what was the advantage of 4K. Dominic explained that the old 2K resolution put out 2,000 pixels and that the 4K projector puts out 4,000 pixels. Double of anything sounds good to me. Camera 7 is also the first movie theater in Silicon Valley to have D-BOX motion effects seats.

Alejandro Adams, Camera 7 General Manager, had invited a select few of us to experience a D-BOX demo. After we got settled in the special bright red extra wide seats, we were given our instructions. A control is mounted on the right side of each seat. The seat motion is synchronized with the action of the film. The Settings: High – Medium – Low – Off.

As we viewed the trailers for “The Expendables”, “Tron: Legacy”, and an action piece from “Fast and Furious”, it was easy to adjust to the amount of seat motion intensity that I was comfortable with. I kept it on the highest setting for most of the time.  The seat motion effects did bring added excitement to the hard hitting scenes. The movement was not over done, distracting or annoying.

Thanks to Alejandro and Dominic I found the perfect theater. By going on the Camera Cinemas website I was able to purchase 2 tickets for “Inception” – $8 was added to the ticket price of each D-BOX seat.

Camera 7
Inception D-BOX – New this Week!
Now offering D-BOX Motion Effects Seating option! An $8 per ticket surcharge applies for this experience!
Daily at 12:15pm, 3:30, 6:40, 9:45

Buy Tickets

Camera Seven on twitter ~ see information about special events and promotions.

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D-BOX flickr set.

“The Expendables” (plays with sound) and 3D “Tron: Legacy” (plays with sound) will be released with the D-BOX motion code.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Premieres at The Tech Tonight!

Twilight movie fans won’t want to miss this red-carpet event tonight at The Tech.

The festivities begin at 10 PM when the museum’s doors open to welcome fans to a reception:

Moviegoers, some donning costumes, T-shirts, and fan buttons of their favorite character can sip on “blood red” punch, and sink their teeth into wolf paw and fang-marked cupcakes.

Fans can take photos alongside “standees” of Edward, Jacob, Alice and Bella

Then at Midnight:
See the only Bay Area IMAX dome to screen The Twilight Saga: Eclipse!

Tuesday, June 29
WHAT: Fans of the all-the-rage vampire/werewolf saga take to the red carpet under beaming searchlights en route to a reception, complete with music, themed refreshments, and special contests leading up to the premiere of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”

WHERE: The Tech Museum, 201 S. Market St., San Jose, CA

WHEN: 10 p.m. Reception – Midnight Film Premiere

The Tech on twitter

If tonight is sold out see below for times:

“Eclipse” premieres at the 295-seat The Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater, featuring crystal clear images up to eight stories high and 13,000 watts of wrap-around digital surround sound. June 20 to July 15, 201

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Dads Admitted Free to Genghis Khan

Surprise dad for Father’s Day with a trip to The Tech Museum to see the Genghis Khan Exhibit.
Dads are admitted free to the blockbuster exhibition in celebration of Father’s Day on June 20.
Family members can purchase their tickets here.

The Tech Museum – 201 South Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113-2008
(408) 294-8324

Special Exhibit Hours:
Monday – Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Children ages 3 to 17 ~ $15
Adults ~ $25
Special prices for seniors and college students.
Admission includes access to all the regular museum galleries.

Genghis Khan (the exhibition) Conquers San Jose

"Genghis Khan the Exhibition" Contortionist

Peter Friess (The Tech Museum) and Daniel N. Fenton (Team San Jose) announced that “Genghis Khan” will be the next blockbuster exhibition coming to San Jose.

“Genghis Khan’s brutality is well known, but less visible is the man whose natural leadership formed the first united Mongol nation – no small feat,” said Peter Friess, president of The Tech Museum. “Inasmuch as we carry the dark images of Genghis Khan the warlord, there is also the man who brought us passports, the pony express, printed money, hamburgers* and even pants.”

Much can be discovered about Genghis Khan (1167-1227) the ’emperor of all emperors’ who united nomadic tribes of northeast Asia and founded the Mongol Empire and Mongolia with a visit to The Tech Museum.

More than 200 13th century artifacts from Genghis’ reign will be on display including:

Live Cultural Performers: Mongolian singers, contortionists and musicians.

Live weaponry demonstrations are featured in the exhibition.

Paiza – passports.
Large Siege Weaponry – Large crossbow and tools to conquer walled cities and castles.
Ancient Mongolian Artifacts.
Ger – A traditional nomadic dwelling – Note: One-third of the people in modern Mongolia live in a Ger.
Shaman’s Robe – Ritual dress used to channel spirits. Genghis Khan practiced shamanism and believed in supernatural powers.
Jewelry – Treasures from the ancient Mongolian capital of Karakorum.
Mongolian Noble Woman Mummy – Mummy and coffin treasures including silk and leather robes, jewelry, comb and bowl.
Mongol Weapons – Swords, leather and metal armor, mace-heads, bows and arrows, and an early firearm.
Buddhist Relics – books, statue, and artwork. Note: The Mongolian capital of Karakorum was religiously diverse.
Clothing and Adornments – Silk garments and jewelry from Karakorum and Kublai Khan’s palace.
Musical Instruments – Strings made of horse hair.

Genghis Khan The Exhibition” – Opens May 22 (Limited Engagement)

The Tech Museum – 201 South Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113-2008
(408) 294-8324

Special Exhibit Hours:
Monday – Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Children ages 3 to 17 ~ $15
Adults ~ $25
Special prices for seniors and college students.
Admission includes access to all the regular museum galleries.

*It is amusing that hamburgers, the name coming from the German port of Hamburg, originated in the time of Khan. The fierce Mongol horsemen (the Golden Horde) were so busy conquering the world that having to stop to light fires and eat got in their way. Raw lamb or mutton was formed into flat patties and then placed under their saddles. The horsemen could easily grab some ‘hamburger’ at any time.

Modern day Mongolia (see U.S. Department of State) lies in central Asia between Siberia on the north and China on the south and is slightly larger than Alaska.

Ger/Yurt –  The burning of soft coal by some of the individual homes or “Ger” (yurt in Russian) adds to the polluted air.

Micky Rourke will star in a film about the Mongol ruler. He says: Genghis Khan Biopic ‘Not Your Stereotypical Blood and Swords’

Genghis Khan: at The Tech flickr set.

TeamSanJose on twitter

Yuri’s Night – Support Space Exploration!

NASA Ames Research Center

Yuri’s Night is an international event (30 countries) which celebrates Yuri Gagarin and the April 1961 shuttle flight.

Did you know that the celebration is held to support space exploration? If President Obama’s decision to kill the NASA’s Constellation program (to the moon) and to turn future exploration over to commercial companies bothers you, please let Congress know.

Houston Congressman Peter Olson continues to be skeptical of Obama NASA space plan.

Get Tickets Now!

YouTube – The Black Keys

Type: Music/Arts – Performance
Date: Saturday, April 10, 2010
Time: 12:00pm – 11:55pm
Location: NASA Ames Research Center – Hangar 211
Street: Moffett Field – Severyns Ave & King Rd
City/Town: Mountain View, CA

The Stanford Theatre’s 2010 Spring Schedule

Downtown Palo Alto

The Stanford Theatre’s 2010 spring schedule (April 3 ~June 18) is now available. See classic films dating from 1930 to 1948 on the big screen of this beautifully restored theatre.

The Stanford Theatre
221 University Avenue downtown Palo Alto

Parking structures on Bryant Street and High Street.
Palo Alto Caltrain station is within walking distance.

Tickets: Available at the box office on the day of the show.
$7.00 ~ adults.
$5.00 ~ seniors (65 and over) and youth (18 and under).

Stanford Theatre Movie Guide ~ Shows and Times.

“Let The Eagle Fly”

There are three more chances to see “Let The Eagle Fly

Thursday March 25 at 8:00pm

Sunday March 28 at 2:00pm

Final Performance – César Chávez Day
Wednesday March 31 at 7pm

Location: San Jose City College Theatre
2100 Moorpark Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128

Conan O’Brien Is Not Prohibited In San Jose

just look at him

The San Jose State University Events Center will let just about anyone perform. To prove it they have booked Conan O’Brien for a May the 5th gig. Cinco de Mayo? O’Brien was nominated for the Mayor of Japantown by the folks at Roy’s Station, so it makes perfect sense.  Yes? La respuesta es correcta…

“Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour”
Events Center
May 5, 2010
8:00 PM

Make sure to reserve your tickets early.

César Chávez Day: March 31, 2010 – Let The Eagle Fly

S. King Rd. at Alum Rock Ave.

César Chávez was born in Arizona March 31, 1927. In June of 1939 his family moved to San Jose California. They lived at 53 Scharff Ave. in the barrio called Sal Si Puedes “Get Out If You Can.”

César Chávez Day is a state holiday in California. Government offices, educational institutions and many businesses are closed.

Let The Eagle Fly a Musical – Information from the site:

The Story of Cesar Chavez is an inspirational musical which tells the story of Cesar E. Chavez, one of the most influential civil rights leaders of our time and a crusader for non-violent change. It traces Chavez’s life from his childhood, as the son of migrant farm workers in the Great Depression, through his founding of the farm workers union and commitment to the non-violent struggle for social and economic justice. The musical highlights the five-year grape boycott which brought nationwide attention to the farm workers’ plight.

Let The Eagle Fly
Thursday at 8:00pm
March 25

Fridays at 8:00pm
March 12, 19, 26

Saturdays at 8:00pm
March 13, 20,

Sundays at 2:00pm
March 14, 21, 28

Final Performance
Wednesday at 7pm
March 31

Location: San Jose City College Theatre
2100 Moorpark Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128

Chavez Family Vision

The anthem of the United Farm Workers of America (The real player will sing it.)

Let The Eagle Fly facebook
This weekend (13th & 14th) only. $20 for students or seniors at the door! – Mention you saw it on Facebook.

RichardFalcon twitter

Free tickets to Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale

Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale and soloist Michelle Jordan in a previous performance.

Unfortunately there’s only two free tickets, and you have to take a short survey to be entered in the drawing to win them. The deadline to enter is March 6.

The tickets are for the Friday, March 19, performance, Festival of Choirs: American Roots, featuring Will Todd‘s Mass in Blue. Mass in Blue is a jazz setting of the Latin mass, billed as “a brilliant blend of driving jazz rhythms, rich tonal colors, and groovy melodies”. Soloist Renee Calvo stars alongside Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale in this presentation. The second half of the evening will be given over to a set of African-American spirituals with East Bay-based soloist Michelle Jordan, and additional selections of 19th and 20th century folk music and musical theater. Several guest choirs will join the Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale for the later pieces.

For those of us not lucky enough to win free tickets, seats are $25 each. The performance begins at 8:00 pm at the California Theater, 345 South First Street.

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