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KDFC Sounds of the Season

Classical KDFC presents holiday music featuring choral, brass and string quartet arrangements beginning noon Christmas Eve through Christmas Day.

KDFC is listener-supported; donations welcome — 1-888-966-5332

Stations in your area:
San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland
South Bay & Peninsula
In The Wine Country
Los Gatos, Saratoga

National Alert to be Broadcasted in San Jose

Wednesday – November 10 at 11am: Don’t ya panic if you are driving around Silicon Valley listening to KQED (88.5), Oldies (103.7), or home watching “The Young And The Restless” on CBS 5 and the programming is interrupted.

This will be the first ever nation wide test of the Emergency Alert System conducted by the FCC and FEMA. We are told that the test should last approximately three-and-a-half-minutes or 30 seconds (?). The test will be seen on all local cable and satellite TV stations, and heard on the radio as well. Officials want to make sure that if a national alert is ever needed the system will work as planned.

If you have Xfinity and the test lasts for more than five minutes, please do not call the doctor.

* Power-cycle your cable box by unplugging the power cord from the outlet.
* Wait thirty seconds and then plug it back in.

Note: DVR recordings during the test will be interrupted and may even be lost.

San Jose: Shake Out Earthquake Drill 10-15-2009

It was October 17, 1989 just before 5:00 PM and all was well. My 19-month-old daughter was taking a late nap, dinner was warming in the
microwave, the TV tuned for the World Series, and my husband would be home soon. Then without warning it all changed in seconds.

The TV flickered and then almost simultaneously everything was in motion. Books fell off of the shelves, the microwave cart started to move from the kitchen to the front room, and I was running for my daughter. Fortunately my family suffered no injuries.

The sorry plight of the people trapped in the Cyprus Freeway collapse made quite an impression, so I do carry bottled water in the car. But this many years later I am not prepared for the next big one. Is anyone?

Tomorrow morning we can participate in “The Great California Shake Out” and learn to help keep ourselves safe.

Radio & TV Broadcasts
October 15th at 10:15 AM

* KCBS 740 AM – 106.9 FM


San Jose: The Tech Museum is the epicenter for Northern California.

As the key ShakeOut venue, the museum will be staged to carry out the “drop,
cover, hold on” drill with more than 400 student visitors and other guests
including Matthew Bettenhausen, acting secretary of the state’s Emergency
Management Agency, Karen Baker, secretary of Service and Volunteering for
California Volunteers, museum President Peter Friess and officials with the
USGS, American Red Cross, San Jose police and fire officials, among others.

More than 400 visitors participate in an actual earthquake drill in
three museum locations. The museum earthquake platform will be shaking all
day with eight different simulated earthquakes from around the world –
including the Loma Prieta. An ambulance and police and fire vehicles will be
stationed outside the museum along with the “Big Shaker,” an earthquake
simulator where visitors are rattled for up to 10 seconds in what feels like
an 8.0 quake.

1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake – KTVU TV 8:15pm

USGS twitter

KFJC Live Broadcast and Penny Pitch in San Jose

KFJCKFJC at Foothill College began broadcasting on October 20, 1959. I got the calculator out, punched in the numbers, and the screen displayed “Golden Anniversary.”

KFJC is celebrating the station’s 50th Anniversary with various activities including the Live Broadcast and Penny Pitch at Streetlight Records in San Jose Saturday September 5 from 1:00 to 6:00 pm.

Like a number of college radio stations, KFJC 89.7 fm, has a play most anything format, very unlikely you will hear the same thing over and over.

The Live Broadcast and Penny Pitch at Streetlight Records kicks off KFJC’s fundraising season; so, bring your change and dump it into the change bucket. There will be free food and drinks. Live KFJC DJs followed by live music from Chen Santa Maria (4:00 pm).

Live KFJC DJs:

1:00 pm – Robert Emmett
2:00 pm – SAL 9000
3:00 pm – Anubis
4:00 pm – Cadillac Margarita
5:00 pm – Mitch Lemay

Streetlight Records
980 South Bascom Avenue, San Jose

Saturday, September 5, 2009
1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

KKSF Smooth Jazz No More

1037_the_bandMonday afternoon KKSF struck up The Band and began playing classic rock; KKSF Smooth Jazz is now 103.7 the Band.

Clear Channel took a nanosecond looking around the Bay Area and discovered that there just were not enough classic rock stations.

Yes, you were worried where you might be able to listen to the Beatles, the Doobie Brothers, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Pink Floyd, CCR and Journey. Worry no more.

So, where are you going to get your smooth jazz fix? The Smooth Jazz Network. They have the on-air talent you know from KKSF, Maria Lopez and Miranda Wilson. That is the good news; the bad news is what are you going to listen to in the car.

The question now is, when will we hear Falco’s Rock Me Amadeus on KDFC.

Another Sports Talk Radio Station

announcerBeginning Monday May 18, KTRB switches from political/financial talk to all sports talk radio.

KTRB 680 moved from Modesto to San Francisco in 2007.  It became the flagship station for the Oakland A’s this season and the station added two sports programs to its lineup with Ron Barr’s Sports Byline USA weeknights followed by Sports Overnight America with Chris Townsend.

Monday will see the addition of Fox Sports Radio programming with Chris Myers and Steve Hartman midday and Petros Papadakis and Matt “Money” Smith in the afternoon. The syndicated Todd & Tyler’s Radio Empire will air in the morning. The Todd & Tyler’s Radio Empire includes the big cities of Omaha, Wichita, Springfield, Burlington, and Boise.

KTRB plans to differentiate itself from KNBR by featuring East Bay teams like the A’s and the Raiders along with other teams that do not get as much attention on KNBR.  KTRB is also the home for Stanford football and men’s basketball. KTRB is hopeful to add local sports talk programming in the future to feature these and other teams.

KTRB 860 AM is a 50,000-watt station available in most of the South Bay.

KFRC, Here We Go Again

You remember KFRC. It is that station roaming the radio dial looking for a home. Well, it has found a new home again at 1550 on the AM dial.

Now KYOU (KYCY) is without a home. For those of you at home keeping score, KYOU was the “podcasts” station at 1550.

KFRC is not coming back with Dave Sholin, Celeste Perry, and the other on-air personalities. Nope, this time it will be canned programming. One of the reasons for listening to KFRC over the years was the local programming and personalities. Local news updates are provided by KCBS with music programming from True Oldies Channel, which claims to have an extensive play list.

You probably cannot even receive the weak signal station here in the South Bay. They have been streaming the classic hits format at and on KFRC-HD2 (106.9-2 FM) and will continue to do so.

With advertising dollars moving to the Internet and with the economic downturn CBS Radio may feel an oldies format will give them a rating that is a smidgen higher than the podcasts format.

Now, go get that old cat’s whisker radio out…

KFRC Drops Classic Hits For KCBS All News Simulcast

KFRC was home to Merv Griffin in the 40’s (swing music) and Dr. Don Rose in the 60’s (Top 40) when the station was on the AM dial at 610. The station has gone through a number of format changes over the years. CBS bought KFRC, leaving the AM dial ending up at 99.7 FM. More format changes with KFRC becoming Movin’ 99.7 playing dance music. About a year later CBS’ Free FM shock-talk format at 106.9 was dropped and 106.9 FM became the new home for KFRC playing a classic hits format. Got it so far? Try this.

If you have not already heard, Monday the KFRC on-air staff was told that they were history; KFRC would start simulcasting KCBS all news broadcasts beginning Monday, October 27.

This past season the A’s were on KFRC, it has been suggested that they helped lower the station’s ratings but were not at all the main reason for the poor numbers. Jumping around the dial and format changes did not help. Low ratings and KCBS wanting to expand its audience, younger listeners who hang out on the FM dial being a reason for the move.

KFRC’s Classic Hits have not completely disappeared; the classic hits will continue to be available as streaming audio at and on KFRC-HD2; however, you will not hear Dave Sholin, Celeste Perry, Sue Hall, Jay Coffey, and Ben Fong-Torres.

If this turns out to be a positive move for KCBS, will KGO and KLIV be next?

KFOG’s Dave Morey Retiring

The morning commute will not be the same beginning this mid-December as KFOG’s morning host Dave Morey is leaving the airwaves after 26 years at the station.

Morey has spent about 39 years in radio. He was the first voice heard when KFOG 104.5 in San Francisco and now in the South Bay at 97.7 switched from “beautiful music” in 1982 to Album-Oriented Rock (now Adult Album Alternative).

I think his longevity is due to his keeping the chatter to a minimum and not going the shock jock/morning zoo route.

His show has a very popular feature called 10@10, “10 great songs from one great year.” What makes 10@10 special, along with the songs from the year featured that day, are the jingles, news clips, commercials, TV theme songs and historic/political speeches. 10@10 is heard weekday mornings at 10:00 am and repeated that evening at 10:00 pm. He will continue to do the 10@10 segments from his new lakefront home in Michigan after his retirement.

Give Dave Morey a listen at 97.7 on the FM dial weekday mornings before Friday, December 19.

San Jose’s Office of Cultural Affairs Hitting the Wrong Note

While waiting for our respective customers at SFO, I noticed that the chauffeur standing next to me was holding a clipboard. Attached to its back was a small handbill from the San Jose Jazz Festival. Seeing it was enough for me to start up a conversation. I learned that this chauffeur was none other than Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs a.k.a. radio KKUP DJ – Bajaba On Jazzline.

KKUP’s involvement (Blues Stage) with the Jazz Festival includes being one of its sponsors. Mr. Dayvs was surprised to hear that because of a miscalculation, San Jose’s Office of Cultural Affairs had made the recommendation to significantly cut funds for this years festival.

To shift funds away from the Jazz Festival and give it to other city venues such as Christmas in the Park is not in the best interest of San Jose. Christmas in the Park makes for a nice local family tradition but it does not generate the revenue or recognition that a jazz festival does.

Hopefully wiser minds at City Hall will prevail and the San Jose Jazz Festival will receive the well-deserved attention it deserves.

KKUP 91.5 Peoples Radio

Bajaba On Jazzline 4PM Tuesday

San Jose Jazz Festival 2007

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