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San Jose: PHAT TUESDAY Mardi Gras

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It’s not that The City of San José doesn’t want us to have a good time this Tuesday, they just want to discourage the kind of wild and crazy behavior that leads to mayhem. The downtown parking garages will close at 9:00p. And, the Youth Curfew Ordinance will be enforced: SJ Muni Code 10.28.020 Curfew hours are 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. for minors 15 years old and under and 11:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. for minors 16 & 17. – Unless accompanied by an adult.


San José State: See Events

CHP Weapon will Zap


The California Highway Patrol, San Jose Area, will soon be packing a new usually non-lethal weapon. In speaking with the CHP, I learned that officers are now being trained in the use of new Taser Guns. The weapons are sure to be controversial, but being shot with something that will most likely not cause any long-term damage is way better than a bullet in the gut. Right?

CHP Traffic Incident Information Page

Book ’em, Dano

policeHonolulu, Hawaii is now America’s Safest Big City in the new CQ Press rankings of safest and most dangerous cities. San Jose now ranks third behind El Paso, Texas in the Safest Big City category. San Jose held first place for the past six years.

CQ Press crunches FBI crime statistics to determine the rankings. There are different variables that go into the way the information is reported; one community may report an incident as minor and another report the same incident as being more serious. In addition, a city does not necessarily become unsafe when there is an increase in auto thefts but may fall in the rankings.

The fall from first place for San Jose may be because wearing the ugly new Sharks’ jersey is being reported as a crime. This could be a major factor for the third place ranking.

Is Cheap Worth It?

CheapOne definition for cheap is inexpensive, and cheap can look shabby. Not the look we want for our San Jose neighborhoods. Willow Glen Extra did a post back in June about the problem. It came up again in Monday’s Mercury News. Mr. Roadshow, Gary Richards, was asked about the legality of parking the trucks on the streets.

Apparently, in San Jose, the trucks are permitted to park with the purpose of advertising as long as they are moved every 72 hours. The City of San Jose needs to amend the parking rules to outlaw this practice. These trucks are often parked past the stop sign making right turns more difficult. Is this legal? Where is the cop when we need one?

For Inoperable, stored or abandoned Motor Vehicles in your neighborhood Call Vehicle Abatement @ 277-5305

Tanner Home

Side Tanner Home

This morning I checked my Gmail, took a quick look at Metroblogging San Jose, and then glanced at What caught my eye was the story about a house fire near White and McKee Roads.

I lived in that neighborhood in the early 70s, and as I read the article it brought a flood of memories. The house that is now destroyed had belonged to one of my neighbors. Though Mr. Tanner, the gentleman who lived there, and I never spoke he would always wave as I passed by with my young son.

Mr. Tanner had a presence, an easy self-assurance that could be felt on our streets. I had heard rumors that he had been a policeman, but I didn’t know the rest of the story…Francis Carl Tanner Jr., was the first black police officer in San Jose, and from what I have now learned, one of the best. We moved across town in 1979 and I didn’t hear of Officer Tanner’s death in 1991.

This morning, standing in front of the Tanner home, my thoughts were with Mr. Tanner’s wife and daughter during this tragedy.

Crime in San Jose


Have you seen CrimeReports? It is the site that shows crime data in the neighborhood. I have mixed feelings about it. This information will either make me feel empowered, or it will scare the bejesus out of me.

Up along the top of the site it says, ‘Join and receive free crime alerts.’ Ping! I can see myself crawling across the floor to view my computer. I might see that a burglary, theft, vehicle burglary, vehicle theft, assault, sexual offense, or a homicide just occurred near by.


Test This

Test This!

All taxi drivers in San José received a letter from the San José Police Department Permits Unit, informing us that a written test, every two years, will be administered at the time of our permit renewal. Cabbies are expected to have a minimum competency level regarding traffic laws, and safe driving practices. Drivers’ knowledge of the San Jose Municipal Code, Title 6, the California vehicle Code, and the California Driver Handbook will be tested.

Yesterday, many of my fellow cab drivers staged a noisy protest against the mandatory re-certification. They drove around City Hall honking their horns and tying up traffic. At the press conference the cabbies complained that the retesting was unnecessary. And, they threatened to stop work for a day, or for however long it would take, to get the City to back down.

According to this mornings Mercury News, part of the test would include a driving test with a police officer in the taxi. I checked with the SJPD Permits office and was told that the Mercury’s information was incorrect. The renewal test will only consist of 25 multiple choice questions. The test will not be timed. Drivers need only get a 70% pass rate. It does not appear that the test will be difficult to pass, so I am not sure why this particular group of 300 drivers are so riled up. Could it be, that it’s just the principle of the thing?

Lost His Head


Near the intersection of Minnesota & Hicks, some guy lost his head and hit a truck.

All Clear for Now

All%20Clerar.jpgI was on Park Avenue, on my way to Japantown to check out a new market this morning around 11:30, when I saw that the 1300 block of West Hedding St. was coned off. Then I saw the police cars and firetrucks. What was it going to be, a new market or find out what was going on? It was about thirtyfive minutes later when they called the all clear.

From talking with a group of neighbors, that had gathered on the corner, I found out that someone had called in a threat to blowup a house. Picking up on bits of their gossip, it sounded as though the house in question was a troubled home.

It’s Rainin’ Brass


The day that the rains came to San José, so did a lot of top brass. Be extra good for the next few days. Chiefs of Police, from the nations fifty largest cities, are in town for a talk.

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