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Free fundraising show in memory of Ryan Viri

Ryan Viri worked at Johnny V’s downtown, where he protected patrons and tried to keep everyone safe while they spent time downtown listening to music.  On the morning of February 12, 2014, he was fatally stabbed after work by someone he had previously thrown out of the bar and on whom he had called the San Jose Police.  Crye Wulf BPM is putting on a free show at Johnny V’s to help raise money for Ryan’s funeral and medical expenses.  The show is February 20, at Johnny V’s, and it’s for ages 21 and over.  Funds will come from the bar profits, and a donation jar will also be available.

If you can’t make that show, or the music isn’t your type of thing, you can still donate to the cause at GoFundMe.

Metblogs sends its condolences to the family of Ryan Viri.  My son was friends with Ryan, and he and many others have been crushed by the loss of a good person with a big heart.  Let’s hope the mayor can get this type of crime under control, as the loss of life in San Jose recently has been far too tremendous.

February 20, 2014
Johnny V’s
31 E. Santa Clara Street, San Jose
Doors open at 9pm



Bugs Bunny at the Symphony II

Bugs Bunny at the Symphony II is an orchestra-and-film concert this weekend (December 28-29, 2013). Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Pepe Le Pew, Tweety, Sylvester, Wile E. Coyote, and Road Runner along with others are projected on the screen while their original scores are played live by Symphony Silicon Valley.

Symphony Silicon Valley
Center for the Performing Arts
255 S Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA ‎

Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013 at 2:30pm, 7:30pm
Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013 at 2:30pm

Tickets here

KDFC Sounds of the Season

Classical KDFC presents holiday music featuring choral, brass and string quartet arrangements beginning noon Christmas Eve through Christmas Day.

KDFC is listener-supported; donations welcome — 1-888-966-5332

Stations in your area:
San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland
South Bay & Peninsula
In The Wine Country
Los Gatos, Saratoga

At Opera SJ: a tasty childhood tale that also feeds adult attention

This holiday season Opera San Jose is producing Hansel & Gretel.

So let’s just get this out of the way first.  The best part of the show?  A fabulous drag queen witch who travels the stage on a Segway.  It doesn’t get any better than this at the opera.

Cast 1: Tenor James Callon as the witch, soprano Sara Gartland as Gretel and mezzo-soprano Kindra Scharich as Hansel. Photo by Pat Kirk. Not pictured: The Segway.

James Callon as the witch absolutely made my day and got me through the show.  BRAVO!

It is difficult for me to give a solid review for this show, even as Opera Novice.  The opera is considered a masterpiece by Engelbert Humperdinck (the 19th century German, not the 20th century Brit – who knew there were TWO??) but while Opera SJ always does an amazing job with every opera, it is still a children’s story which is not my favorite genre.  I had a bit of a love/hate experience with this show (or really a hate/love experience).  So let’s break it down in pieces.

Cast 1: Soprano Sara Gartland as Gretel and mezzo-soprano Kindra Scharich as Hansel. Photo by Pat Kirk.

The story: Hansel & Gretel are two children who live in the woods with their very poor parents.  Everyone is hungry and there is no money for food.  The mother sends the kids into the woods to gather berries, but they discover a witch who lives in a gingerbread house.  Said witch cannot wait to fatten up the children so she can eat them.  You know, your typical children’s bedtime story.

All things opera: The members of Opera SJ really can do no wrong. Whatever show they put on you can be assured that you are receiving the best production of the show possible.  The usual inadequate Opera Novice review goes here: “The singers are amazing and beautiful!! The orchestra was perfection!!”  I wish I had a better vocabulary for the perfection of our local opera company, but that is the best I can do.

The entertainment (and only small downside):  Acts I and II were slow for me. With no witch in sight yet, it focuses on Hansel & Gretel who, let’s face it, are the worst.  Instead of doing their chores they fool around dancing and singing about delicious desserts.  When they’re sent into the woods to gather berries they end up eating them all before finally getting lost.  NICE GOING, KIDS.  As a very happy empty-nester, I was annoyed with the characters.  Sara Gartland and Kindra Scharich (Gretel and Hansel) were amazing in their roles however, and did an fantastic job playing the young brother and sister.

Things turned around for me at the end of Act II when they are put to sleep by the Sandman, and dream of 14 angels.  Hansel & Gretel are then transformed into dream ballet dancers surrounded by the sparkling, beautiful angels (played by young children) holding globes of light.  This musical interlude was truly magical and I really enjoyed it.

Intermission: I absolutely love seeing kids attend the opera, and I’m always thrilled to see them enjoying themselves.  This show was filled with well-behaved and impeccably dressed children, and they were all excitedly discussing the story outside in the lobby.  Of course it is a great show to introduce your child to the opera.  Is it a great show for adults?  AHA! Enter Act III and the witch…

Cast A: Mezzo-soprano Lisa Chavez as Hansel, soprano Cecilia Violetta López as Gretel and soprano Christine Capsuto as the Dew Fairy. Photo by Pat Kirk.

Act III and the entrance of the Dew Fairy (Christine Capsuto) were what made me sit up straight and start paying attention.  The Dew Fairy is not only gorgeous and funny for the kids, she brings some adult humor that will go over the children’s heads but will have the adults shaking with laughter.  Regrettably she is only on stage for a few minutes, but that is okay because after she wakes Hansel & Gretel they finally discover the gingerbread house and…

Good gosh almighty, the witch is straight out of Priscilla Queen of the Desert (if Priscilla were a Segway instead of a bus).  In Cast A, Marc Schreiner plays the witch and I am confident he is great. I saw Cast 1 which stars tenor James Callon and I could not take my eyes off him whenever he was on stage.  He easily switches back and forth from evil witch to wheedling “nice” witch.  There are costume changes, each design more fabulous than the previous.  The witch is scary but not terrifying, yet hilarious and awesome at the same time.

The stage was an incredible never-ending forest that was painted so beautifully I kept expecting the actors to run further into the woods than the backdrop allowed.  There is a whimsical gingerbread house and a candy cane cage, but the star of the stage was the giant oven with ginormous teeth. As a child this oven would have scared me to death, but I heard no cries in the audience, only whoops of enjoyment.

So, the verdict? If you want to introduce children to the opera, take them to see this and no one will be disappointed. If you love opera for opera’s sake, you know Opera SJ will deliver with the quality you expect.  If you’re a newbie or opera novice, well… I guess my final say is that while the production is outstanding, Act I and II were a bit slow, but then Act III makes everything worth it.  Really, REALLY worth it.  Great holiday show!!  And a great early holiday gift for the family!

Hansel & Gretel
Opera San Jose
Through December 1

And if you think Hansel & Gretel aren’t your thing, get ready for Madame Butterfly on February 15! Tickets available now, so get your holiday shopping done with a really original and special gift!

Broadway San Jose raises curtain on an award winning season!

If you missed seeing Priscilla Queen of the Desert last week at the Center for Performing Arts, you missed one fantastic show.  There are shows that make you think, and shows that are 100% entertainment.  Priscilla hits around 3000% on the entertainment scale, but it is also a show that is full of humanity.  There are themes of friendship and family, and not only being and doing what you want, but finding someone who loves you for being and doing what you want.  Wade McCollum is amazing as Tick/Mitzi, who just wants to get home to his family and is worried his son will reject him.  Also fantastic is Scott Willis as Bernadette, the grande dame of the stage who has given up on finding someone to love her.  Entertainment is the clear priority in this show, with songs like “It’s Raining Men”, “Finally” and “I Will Survive.”  You also get over 500 costumes, 60 wigs, 150 pairs of shoes and over 200 hats and headdresses!  All this and a beautifully lit up bus named Priscilla.  This Australian set musical had the entire packed audience on our feet dancing and singing, and giving a standing ovation at the end.  It was one of the best times I’ve had at a show in a long time.

Broadway San Jose only gets these fabulous shows for about a week, so you have to plan ahead and get your tickets quickly.  What a wonderful holiday present some theatre tickets would be!  Although Priscilla had to end yesterday, here are the shows set for the rest of their season:


November 19 – November 24

It’s not often I see this show available live and local, so don’t miss your chance to see the traveling Broadway production.

Watch the trailer!

Evita tells Eva’s passionate and unforgettable true story, and features some of the theatre’s most beautiful songs, including “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” “Another Suitcase in Another Hall” and “Flying High, Adored.” Don’t miss the stunning new production of EVITA, directed by MICHAEL GRANDAGE and choreographed by ROB ASHFORD.

 The Australian Bee Gees Show

February 4 – February 9


Remember when polyester and a gold chain made the man? The film Saturday Night Fever launched one of the best-selling soundtracks of all time and made The Bee Gees a household name. The AUSTRALIAN BEE GEES SHOW is a live tribute to one of the five most successful recording artists of all time, alongside the Beatles, McCartney, Elvis, and Michael Jackson. Enjoy this celebration of music you all know and love, and the band that has sold more than 220 million records worldwide.


May 27 – June 1

I sometimes see this show at some of our smaller theaters here, but how often do you get to see the traveling Broadway production??

One of the most enduring shows of all time, Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber’s JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT is the irresistible family musical about the trials and triumphs of Joseph, Israel’s favorite son. Retelling the Biblical story of Joseph, his eleven brothers and the coat of many colors, this magical musical is full of unforgettable songs including Those Canaan Days, Any Dream Will Do and Close Every Door.  Experience the power and diversity of his music in one spectacular evening!

Jersey Boys

July 15 – July 20


Watch the trailer!

You think summer is far off? It will be here before you know it, so mark your calendars because this will sell out quickly.  Remember, only six nights of shows!

Jersey Boys is the Tony, Grammy, and Lover Award-winning Best Musical about Rock and Roll and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers The Four Seasons: Franki Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi. This is the story of how four blue-collar kids became one of the greatest successes in pop music history. They wrote their own songs, invented their own sounds and sold 175 million records worldwide-all before they were 30! JERSEY BOYS, winner of the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album and most recently, the 2009 Olivier Award for Best New Musical, features the hit songs, “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Rag Doll,” “Oh What a Night,” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”



August 27 – September 14

Wow, this show will be here for over two weeks!  As anyone who has seen this show in San Francisco (or New York!) will tell you, there is so much more to this show than you would imagine.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, and I could see it again and again.  Even at over 2 weeks of shows, this is guaranteed to sell out every night.  It is truly spectacular, with surprises and spectacle at every turn, and moments when your jaw will drop.  Not to mention some glorious music.  “Popular”  (My personal favorite is Defying Gravity!)

So Much Happened Before Dorothy Dropped In.
Long before that girl from Kansas arrives in Munchkin land, two girls meet in the Land of Oz. One – born with emerald green skin- is smart, and fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious, and very popular. How these two grow up to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good makes for “the most complete- and completely satisfying – new musical in a long time.” (USA Today)
On Broadway and around the world, WICKED has worked its magic on critics and audiences alike. Winner of 35 major awards, including a Grammy and three Tony Awards.

Come spend una noche caliente in Palo Alto: In the Heights

I have never seen a show by the Palo Alto Players before, but if their current production of the Tony winning In the Heights is any indication of the quality expected, I will be making a lot of trips to Palo Alto in the future.

This was my first time seeing a production of In the Heights, and I’m glad I did.  Set in three steaming hot days framing the Fourth of July in Washington Heights, it’s the musical story of a neighborhood of people who work, play and love together, as well as just trying to get through life.  Finally a stroke of good luck hits one of the neighbors and it may change the lives of several people.  But then a tragedy also strikes, one much more far reaching.  What do all these changes mean?  We find out who will stay, who will leave, who will love together and who will wait things out.  It’s quite an emotional, uplifting, and thoughtful show about diversity and how it can be used in both positive and negative ways.

Directed by Alex Perez, the show is populated by a cast of young but very experienced and talented actors.  I don’t know why I was so blown away every time a new character started singing, but every voice was truly spectacular and more than worthy of a big production. These young “kids” are professionals in every sense of the word.

It is so difficult to single anyone out in this show (and yet I cannot name you all, please forgive me!).  Rudy Fuentes (Usnavi) brings the most charisma as the affable bodega owner who is in love with Vanessa.  Jia Taylor (Vanessa) has legs a mile long and brings a sweet humanity to a character who could come off as a brat.  Alexa Ortega (Nina) had the clearest and most powerful voice bundled in quite a tiny little package.  Even one of the smallest parts, “Piragua Guy”, will bring you to tears when Mark Alabanza starts singing.  And of course, this show would not be the same without the amazing Linda Piccone as Abuela.  Special notice: Sean Gilvary plays a smaller part of “Graffiti Pete” but he often steals the scene. I have seen this actor in several shows now and am starting to become very impressed with his work.  Keep your eyes on this one.

The set design was just as impressive, one of the largest I’ve seen on a stage this size.  There are several levels and dimensions to the realistic Washington Heights neighborhood and the lighting helps bring these steaming hot three days and nights to life.  The ONLY flaw in this show is the very large blind spot if sitting on the right side of the theatre (facing the stage).  The beauty shop is completely invisible although you can still hear the conversations inside.  I do not recommend getting a seat in this area unless there is a discounted price, but I will clarify that the rest of the show is still visible and you will still enjoy yourself.  Otherwise, every seat in this theatre is a good one, and everything was crystal clear even from the back of the theatre.

Go see this amazingly fun musical, fit for the entire family, and I will look forward to doing more reviews for the Palo Alto Players in the future.

In the Heights
Through September 29
Palo Alto Players
Lucie Stern Theatre, Palo Alto

Amazing cast of In the Heights

Many more nights with Janis Joplin to come, at The Rep

Kacee Clanton as Janis Joplin. Photo by Kirk Tuck.

It’s not often a show at the San Jose Repertory Theatre is extended before the curtain at Opening Night even goes up.  But that is what happened with the extremely popular production of One Night With Janis Joplin, now through October 6.

There is magic up on stage.

Much more than a concert, One Night with Janis Joplin explores the history of the Queen of Rock, brings to life her blues influences such as Etta James and Aretha Franklin, and brings an enormous amount of fun throughout the night.

Kacee Clanton has been immersed in playing Janis Joplin on a variety of stages, including touring as the lead vocalist for Big Brother and the Holding Company (a band I was not aware was still around).  Clanton is an amazing presence on stage, with vocals strikingly similar to Joplin’s, and though she’s not a ringer for her physically, there is enough of a resemblance to sometimes bring chills when she reappears on stage with certain familiar Joplin looks.  The vocals however are what wins this night. There are times when it seems certain that Clanton is channeling Joplin’s soul straight from heaven, and speaking of chills, listening to her belt out Ball and Chain is almost a religious experience.  I will never forget being in the audience for this song, the closest I will ever be to actually hearing Joplin sing live.

Kacee Clanton as Janis Joplin. Photo by Kirk Tuck.

Clanton, as Joplin, speaks to the audience throughout the show, giving us her personal history growing up in Texas and then moving to San Francisco to be an unwitting major player in the history of rock & roll.  She talks about all her blues influences, and there are breaks between Joplin’s songs to listen to songs by Bessie Smith, Etta James, Nina Simone and the great Aretha Franklin, brought to life by Tiffany Mann, Tricky Jones and Shinnerrie Jackson. All accompanied by an amazing live band.

There is clapping, there is dancing, there are tears.  There is an audience dressed in tie-dye and gorgeous vintage 60s dresses.  There is a free photo booth with feather boas and a bottle of Southern Comfort as props, and if you’re thirsty there is a special Southern Comfort drink available at concessions.   There is magic on stage, and I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that the soul of Janis Joplin herself is there as well.

This is a show not to be missed, but it is selling out quickly, so get your tickets while you can.

One Night with Janis Joplin
Through October 6
San Jose Repertory Theatre

Note: The part of Janis Joplin is played by Cari Hutson on all Tuesday evenings, Saturday matinees, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday, September 18 at 11am.


Opera SJ’s Falstaff brings laughs from the belly of a wine barrel

Cast 1: Baritone Steven Condy as Falstaff. Photo by Pat Kirk.

Opera season has begun, and Opera San Jose was kind enough to invite the Opera Novice to opening night of  Verdi’s Falstaff, an uproarious comedy that is fun for all ages.

Let’s start by going over the rules of Opera Novice reviews:

1. The Opera Novice, after years of attending opera, still has no technical knowledge of opera and therefore has no real business “reviewing” the opera.

2. Therefore the Opera Novice reviews opera from a layperson’s perspective, i.e. will an opera newbie like this show.  I want to give the average person who has never attended an opera, or who thinks they might like to try one, an idea of whether this would be a good show on which to spend money.

3. I assume that those who love opera and are more knowledgeable than I about it are already attending, and if you are not, DO SO.

OK, let’s get to it.  Right off the bat I’m going to say that Falstaff is an opera that is accessible to the masses, and even fit for the entire family.  Nothing makes me happier than to see kids at the opera who are really enjoying themselves.  At one of the intermissions I heard a father ask a boy of about 8 years if he liked the show. “I LOVE it!!!” he exclaimed, bouncing up and down.  There was a girl of about nine sitting behind me who was just having a ball giggling through the whole show.

Cast A: Soprano Jennifer Forni as Alice Ford and baritone Scott Bearden as Falstaff. Photo by Pat Kirk.

Falstaff (a beloved character from several Shakespeare plays) is a jolly drunken fool who believes his massive belly is the source of everything good in his life.  Yes, he thinks highly of himself.  He hatches a plot to woo two rich married women, thinking he will be able to charm them both out of some money.  Unfortunately, the women meet up and share their identical love letters.  They then hatch their own plot to teach poor Falstaff a lesson.

Falstaff is such an over the top clown that no matter what awful thing happens to him, the audience laughs and laughs and laughs.  Whatever your mood when you enter the beautiful California Theatre, you will be smiling and happy when you leave after this show.

The set design is framed inside of a wine barrel which is simple, gorgeous, and frankly GENIUS.  Hair, make-up and costumes are splendid (especially Falstaff’s fancy outfit he wears for his “date”).  Music and singing are, as always, Perfection.

In short, it is the best kind of opera for someone looking to try their first, and judging from the smiles on everyone’s faces, it is just as perfect for the seasoned opera attendee.


Cast 1: Soprano Sarah Duchovnay as Nannetta, Soprano Rebekah Camm as Alice Ford, mezzo-soprano Buffy Baggott as Meg Page and mezzo-soprano Patrice Houston as Dame Quickly.

Through September 22
Opera San Jose
California Theatre

Coming up:

Hansel & Gretel:  November 16 – December 1
Madama Butterfly:  February 15 – March 2
Don Giovanni:  April 19 – May 4

And a rollicking good time was had by all…

Cast 1: Soprano Cecilia Violetta López as Roselinde and tenor MIchael Dailey as Alfred. Photo by Pat Kirk

I have now attended close to a dozen different shows at Opera San Jose, and I can honestly say that Strauss’s Die Fledermaus was like no other I have ever seen.  If you are looking to attend your first opera, or even if you would like to introduce opera to your teenager (that’s right!) then this is the opera for you… and yet it is still perfect and worthy for the seasoned attendee.


Die Fledermaus is about one man seeking hilarious revenge for an embarrassing practical joke from the past, and in the process there are endless mistaken identities which will leave you in sidesplitting stitches.  There is no love story in this opera, requited or otherwise; nothing particularly deep in the plot; neither is there a tragic death or a particularly happy ending.  More than half the songs are about drinking, and the second act revolves around a party of debauchery which may (or may not) include beautiful dancers skinny-dipping in a pool.


The songs are in German, and as usual are translated on a screen over the stage.  But there was something quite surprising in this show that I had never seen before:  a good deal of the story was spoken in English!  This was less like an opera and more like musical theater – and it was lovely.


Cast 1: Soprano Elisabeth Russ as Adele, soprano Cecilia Violetta López as Roselinde, tenor Alexander Boyer as von Eisenstein. Photo by Pat Kirk.

I had been disappointed that I could not make it to opening night, however last night was an unexpected treat as I got to see Cast 1 who were absolutely delightful and just as talented as any Cast A I’ve seen.  It was refreshing to see some new faces and there were no disappointments.  Soprano Elizabeth Russ was delicious as the petulant chambermaid Adele; soprano Cecilia Violetta Lopez was virtually unrecognizable to me from her role as Leila in The Pearl Fishers, and I still adored her immensely.  The familiar faces of tenor Alexander Boyer (Eisenstein) and tenor Michael Dailey (Alfred) were welcome and played their comedic roles beautifully.  Special mention goes to bass-baritone Isaiah Musik-Ayala as Frank the prison warden – who I just LOVED, and also Kelly Houston who plays a hilarious Frosch.  Some of these performers were newer to me than others, ALL of them I hope to see more often.

Wait, did I forget to mention baritone Jo Vincent Parks, as Dr. Falk (Die Fledermaus!)?  He has a small part for the title character, however he too was perfect.

Marc Jacobs makes his Opera San Jose debut as stage director, and this is a perfect show for his background in musical theater.  I hope we see more from him at OSJ.


Cast 1: Baritone Isaiah Musik-Ayala as Frank. Photo by Pat Kirk.

And as often happens at Opera San Jose, there was another star, and that was the set design.  It does not surprise me to find out that Charlie Smith also designed the Pearl Fisher’s sets, and I’m excited to see what he does for the upcoming double-bill of Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi.  It is too bad there are no available photos to show you the complete beauty of the designs.  Acts one and two were set in a sweeping, gorgeous, art deco residence with subtle hints of the jail term awaiting Eisenstin… indeed, it transformed seamlessly into the jail itself in Act three.  As well there was an amazing newspaper print curtain with “articles” pertaining to the characters in the story.

This was not the usual opera I attend at Opera San Jose.  There were not so many ball gowns and sparkling jewelry in the audience that I usually see, perhaps because it was not opening night, perhaps because this show is just not as “stuffy” as some others (which I recommend no matter the stuffiness!!).  There was raucous laughter heard throughout the show, as if we were all drunk with the comedy we were watching.  “That was the most fun I’ve had at the opera ever!” stated my guest, Danielle Roberts.  And indeed, she is quite right.  This opera plays through November 25, and I can recommend without any reservation whatsoever that you should see it – and take your teenagers too.


Die Fledermaus
Opera San Jose
Through November 25
California Theatre
San Jose, CA


The Pearl Fishers: Excellent opera for Pros and Novices alike!

The villagers celebrate their new king Zurga with a joyous dance. Choreographed by Lise la Cour. Photo by Pat Kirk.

If you are looking for something dressy, exciting and classy to do this weekend, I resoundingly recommend Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers at Opera San Jose.  It’s no secret that while I love attending the opera, I am not qualified to review it at more than a layman’s level.  But this time I was able to bring my friend’s visiting mother, an actual coloratura soprano who has sung opera since she was a child.  So instead of coming back and telling you all, “It was Splendid!! The music was Amazing! The singers were Perfect!!  Perfect-perfect-perfect all around!” I thought maybe I could have some actual criticism to share with you all.

So this is basically what my ringer of a reviewer had to say after the show:  “It was Splendid!! The music was Amazing! The singers were Perfect!!  Perfect-perfect-perfect all around!”

Cast A: Cecilia Violetta López as the mysterious veiled priestess, Leila. Photo by Pat Kirk.

Perhaps I know more about opera than I thought! (HAH!) But I know an enjoyable show when I see one! And The Pearl Fishers is one of those shows.

Having more of a theater and film background, I always appreciate the operas that have a good meaty plot.  The Pearl Fishers has romance, betrayal, danger, a “bro-mance”, not to mention beautiful music, the best singers in San Jose, gorgeous costumes, and an impressive set.  I chose the dancing photo to head up this review because not only were they entertaining and awesome (“Perfect!”) but the dancers made my little group want to dance happily in our seats as well.

There have been operas where I wanted to fall asleep, and there have been operas that had my guest and me in hysterics… or at least wiggling with glee at the fun we were having.  Although I’m not qualified to comment technically on the performances, I feel like it’s my job to convince you all to give opera a try. The Pearl Fishers is one of those shows that will make you love the opera.  Not only that, now I know that the more people you bring with you, the more fun it is!  The three of us women put on our best clothes and jewelry again, did our hair and makeup, had a lovely and relaxing dinner at Il Fornaio, and then had the time of our lives at the opera. We were so excited and had such a good time that we came home, poured glasses of wine, and stayed up til almost 1am talking about the fun.

Don’t miss out on this incredible show and the experience that is opera.  It’s more fun than you think, and you don’t have to know anything about it to enjoy it.

Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers
Opera San Jose
Through September 23
Next up: Die Fledermaus
November 10 – November 25

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