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Indian Restaurants in South Bay

I love trying new kinds of food, but I always fall back on Indian food. Whichever part of the world I go, I feel it’s always good to know Indian restaurants around. In the Bay Area, you don’t really have to search so hard; but still, one needs to figure out which is good, which one should be a last resort and which one is passable.

Firstly, one basic aspect needs to be clarified about Indian food, especially for those who haven’t yet dug in deep. There are many cuisines within India, not just one. Though one can broadly classify them as North Indian and South Indian, it doesn’t really do justice. Anyway, for practical purposes, we’ll keep it that way. North Indian food is more commonly found across the world — naan, roti, chicken tikka masala, lassi and the like. South Indian food is predominantly rice-based, with sambhar, rasam and so on.

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