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Weed and Seed

I received an e-mail form letter from U. S. Senator Barbara Boxer informing me that new federal funding had been granted to the City of San Jose. I’m not sure how she came up with my address, because I have never mailed her. Anyway, she was announcing that the Feds would be helping San Jose out with the Weed and Seed Program. What? Medical marijuana gratis D.C.?

On further reading, I discovered that the Weed and Seed Program has actually been in operation for four years, and that it has nothing to do with lighting up. The program’s purpose is to weed out crime and plant programs for healthy neighborhoods. Considering the recent number of homicides, those new ‘seeds’ better get here quickly.

Department of Justice’s Weed and Seed Program

Bay Area Crime Stoppers

police carBay Area Crime Stoppers (BACS) is a way for the community to inform law enforcement of tips regarding crime.

The toll-free number 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) covers all nine Bay Area counties and your call is completely anonymous. The 24/7 call center has multilingual operators.

“Callers are never asked to identify themselves and there is no equipment in the call center that records voices or traces telephone numbers. Anonymity is guaranteed. Those who call Crime Stoppers receive a code number that allows them to claim a reward once an arrest and indictment has been made.”

Tip: program the number into your phones.

More information here.

CHP Weapon will Zap


The California Highway Patrol, San Jose Area, will soon be packing a new usually non-lethal weapon. In speaking with the CHP, I learned that officers are now being trained in the use of new Taser Guns. The weapons are sure to be controversial, but being shot with something that will most likely not cause any long-term damage is way better than a bullet in the gut. Right?

CHP Traffic Incident Information Page

Arrive Alive


My phone has been ringing with requests for taxi rides. I’m always happy when my customers plan ahead.

One of the best places to hail a taxi: A downtown hotel – like the Fairmont.

Do look at free rides.

DUI – The total Approximate Cost:–$5,540

Boom – Suspicious Package at eBay

the other side of eBay

Things got askew at eBay’s Hamilton Ave. campus today when a suspicious package was spotted around 9:30am. It was determined that the package could be destroyed – so it went boom around 12:30pm.

Last November the eBay North San Jose campus was targeted. Someone had left an explosive device strong enough to blow out a window near the PayPal office. Thankfully no one was injured.

Whats with this time of year and eBay?

Crime in San Jose


Have you seen CrimeReports? It is the site that shows crime data in the neighborhood. I have mixed feelings about it. This information will either make me feel empowered, or it will scare the bejesus out of me.

Up along the top of the site it says, ‘Join and receive free crime alerts.’ Ping! I can see myself crawling across the floor to view my computer. I might see that a burglary, theft, vehicle burglary, vehicle theft, assault, sexual offense, or a homicide just occurred near by.


Case Solved


What is that new building? I had been threatening to exit Highway 87 and investigate the new building going up on the corner of West Hedding Street for the last few weeks.

After parking on the Guadalupe Parkway frontage road, I questioned the first person I encountered. A Sheriff buying lunch from a food coach told me that he thought it was a lab. With my camera in hand I walked up to the construction site asking a fellow in a blue hard hat, “Is this the new forensic lab?” He proudly said, “Yes, it will be the Santa Clara County Crime Laboratory.”

The close proximity to the Main Jail seems the perfect spot for this state-of-the-art metal building with room for a 75-foot long test firing range. This new facility includes a DNA laboratory and equipment for other tests, as well as office space. Question answered – case solved.

Foul Play in Willow Glen?

Thrift Box

To protect a possible crime scene, early morning commuters using Lincoln Avenue through Willow Glen found their northbound route blocked at Minnesota Ave. and southbound drivers were directed to Brace Ave.

A body was found in the alleyway between Vinsanto Restaurant and The Thrift Box. Speaking with people on Lincoln Avenue the consensus seems to be the body was that of a homeless person. SJPD officer Malvini, parked at the scene, told me the cause of death would be released with the coroner’s report. I hope it was not foul play.

alley way

Learn to Share


The guy in the ad says, “I don’t let anything get in the way of my enjoyment.” Let’s see what happens if Council members Dave Cortese and Madison Nguyen have their way. If smoking is banned in the 190 city parks, it could get ugly!

I don’t smoke. My house and taxi are smoke-free and I do appreciate dinning out where people aren’t lighting up, but isn’t banning smoking in parks going too far?  

Most of the time there seems to be a good breeze blowing in our area, so smoke in a park won’t hang around long. Just attempt a game of Badminton and try to get that little Shuttlecock over the net and you’ll see what I mean.

Never the Same

Never the Same

We will probably never know why Cornelius Van Der Vies chose the corner of Market and Santa Clara streets to sit with his little dog Boo-Boo and watch the world go by. Yesterday just before noon Cornelius was killed. He died after being savagely hit and kicked by another homeless man.  

My only contact with Cornelius was last March. I was out of breath almost running up Market Street, late for the Stewart Copeland press conference, when Cornelius noticed. I don’t remember his exact words, but he was worried that I might fall.

Some of the homeless (street people) in San José are harmless and like Cornelius friendly, but many are unfortunately mentally ill and unpredictable.

Cornelius and Boo-Boo you will be missed.

Note: Per the Mercury News – A memorial service and Mass for downtown San Jose homeless man Cornelius Van der Vies will be held at St. Joseph Cathedral at 10 a.m. May 11.

Mercury News Story

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