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Psycho Donuts Bakes Americas Freedom of Choice

Gay Bar

Psycho Donuts is not taking sides (Chick-fil-A). Psycho Donuts has what they call their Psycho Moral System or for short – PMS. They want ALL donut loving Americans to eat what and wherever they wish.

Today Psycho Donuts has baked up a new choice: The Gay Bar – Read All About It!

When: Starting today, August 1st.

Where: Psycho Donuts Campbell – 2006 Winchester Blvd. or Psycho Donuts San Jose – 288 S. 2nd Street.

Call (408) 533-1023 for hours etc.


face it: Campbell or San Jose

“Becoming Britney” – The Retro Dome: Less snarky, more thoughtful than you’d think

At The Retro Dome in Campbell

Last Friday night I was lucky enough to be invited to see “Becoming Britney”, an award winning live show now playing at The Retro Dome.  Billed as “a snarky new musical”, that’s exactly what I expected:  Lots of snark, heavy on the snark, and more and more snark, plus some music and dancing. What I got instead was something much more: more touching, more thought-provoking, and a little, tiny little bit sad.  And yet also Fantastic and Fun!

This is a musical story that begins in rehab immediately after Britney Spears has infamously shaved her head.   From there we are taken back to several important points in Britney’s life which had an impact or led her in some way to the woman who most people just don’t understand any more.  Because seriously, what happened to her?  I remember being mesmerized the first time I saw her do that slow dip over the chair in the “Crazy” video and thinking “that girl knows exactly what she’s doing, and she’s going to be a star.”

I’m not a super fan of her music by any means, but you can’t deny she’s put out some amazing dance music and the girl had an incredible body when she was young (But didn’t we all?).   And so when she started going off the deep end I was fascinated.  OK, I’ll admit I was a tiny bit obsessed by her shenanigans.  Was she crazy? Drugged? Drunk? Insane? Or just a bad person and mother?  I didn’t know, and I still am not sure what happened to her.

And so while I know that the actual story has to be an incredibly sad one, one that shouldn’t be laughed at, comedy is often about the snark and laughing at pop culture, and there is no better current pop icon ready for snark than Ms. Spears.

Wow, what a great show.  The book, music and lyrics were written by Molly Bell and Daya Curley, and it is Ms. Bell who plays Britney in the show.  For a mid-level budget, the show is very entertaining, and Ms. Bell really stands out in the show.  She plays Britney as everything from a rising child star to an uncertain rehab patient, from a young girl eager to please her mother to a woman who realizes she’s being used and abused, chewed and spit out by everyone around her.

One of the most telling moments of Britney’s psyche was when she and Kevin sing “The Love of My Life (So Far)” and end the song with Brit jumping into Kevin’s arms with the biggest, happiest smile on her face.  And in that moment you could see that somehow this girl had stopped growing mentally and emotionally somewhere between age 12 and 14.  Who else but a very young teenage girl would think Mr. Federline was an amazing catch?  But the look on Molly Bell’s face said it all: This was something Britney had for herself, someone who she thought loved her back in return just for herself.

Molly Bell as Britney

And that’s when the show got sad for me, even as I laughed and laughed through the rest of it.  “Push It Out”, a song about Britney giving birth, was one of the outstanding highlights of the show and had us all in hysterics.  But “Cross That Line”, where Britney has to make a very important decision… a decision about her sanity, brought tears to my eyes even as I was still laughing.  The show called “Becoming Britney” is not about how to become a mega-rich, Cheeto and Red Bull loving, mentally incompetent former child star…  It’s about how one innocent girl with big dreams had to find a way to grow up on her own, claim a life for herself, and become… grown up Britney.  In whatever way she can find her own happiness.

The show is not high budget but it is filled with talent and promising young performers.  Leanne Borghesi, as both Mama Spears and the Rehab Monitor, has an outstanding voice and was a standout in the production.  Molly Bell, who arguably IS the show, is going to have a great career ahead of her.  There were some sound troubles on opening night, but the cast handled them well.  A glaring pink stage and set was perfect, and the costumes were overall adorable and/or hilarious.

I don’t think the show is meant to be completely accurate, as I believe in real life Mama Spears was more “flawed mother” than the Dina Lohan-esque stage-mother portrayed in the show, but overall they tell an outstanding story of a young girl who really did lose her entire childhood even if she may have once really wanted what she was working for.  A woman who was so chewed up by her profession that insanity was the best choice for her.  It’s not a depressing show, don’t get me wrong, and there is almost constant laughter.  But it gives you things to think about as you’re laughing like crazy, and loving and missing that sweet, talented young girl we all used to know.

I think the show is probably geared more to fans of Britney Spears, or fans of celebrity gossip or the industry.  I hope this gives them enough of an audience to fill the theater for the entire run.   The Retro Dome is a fantastic venue for small live shows like this, and it was filled on opening night.  If you’re a fan of Britney Spears, a lover of pop music, or in any way interested in the pop genre, this is a can’t miss show.

Becoming Britney
Through March 11
The Retro Dome
1694 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose
Plenty of free parking
90 minutes, no intermission
Rating: PG

San Jose! Wanna go on a Dishcrawl?


If you’ve never been on a Dishcrawl yet, let me explain. Think of it as a Flash mob for foodies. You know you’re going to be visiting a particular area near you and you’re going to eat some great food  within walking distance of your starting point, but you don’t know who you’ll be with, what the restaurants will be, or what kind of food it will be until the morning of the event. Ahh the suspense! All that and an affordable price to boot.

I love this concept. Traveling around San Jose’s SOFA district with a bunch of people who all love food and adventure, eating at restaurants that we might not have uncovered by ourselves and food carts roll up and offer up gourmet tacos or ice cream and Karaoke? I’m hooked.

Tracy Lee ( @ladyleet on Twitter) is a natural community builder and this girl SERIOUSLY loves food. She and her team have taken a fun idea of roving dining to cities ranging from our own fair city to Ottawa, New York, Portland, Campbell, Willow Glen, and Palo Alto to name a few. Each city tour has it’s own flavor and style and the trend has taken off like wildfire. The team makes extra effort to make sure everyone is having fun and quite often you’ll hear from the owner or chef about what really sets their food apart.

Now, in addition to the traditional crawls, Dishcrawl is offering an even more personal way to explore dining and meet new people. Eat Your City events are small group dinners at local restaurants for 8-10 people at a time. At each restaurant you’ll get the focused attention of the owner and so far most of these restaurants have participated in a larger dishcrawl event so the players are familiar, almost family friends by now.

All in all the idea behind Dishcrawl is rock solid. Connect people who love food and have a sense of adventure with great food and company and a1qqllow restaurateurs to connect one-on-one with their market. We’ve been to a few of these now and we look forward to many more.

Want to see what the fuss is all about? Visit the Dishcrawl web site for information and don’t forget to check out the list of restaurants hosting the family size dinners too. Bon Apetit!

“Cars 2” Starts Up Today

I have read some negative reviews suggesting that “Cars 2” is not up to the original “Cars”, and that Conan O’Brien makes fun of the films liberal propaganda…

None the less, I wish that my now adult children were still kids. We would be spending an afternoon at the Pruneyard.

Camera 7 Pruneyard will make opening day and the weekend a fun family event. ~ Friday, June 24 thru Sunday, June 26  (1-7pm each day)

FREE with same day “Cars 2” ticket purchase: Face painting, balloon artists, carnival games and prizes, snowcones, contests, arts and crafts table courtesy of Home Depot, PLUS giveaways while supplies last!


Also, on Saturday, June 25 Barnes & Noble at the Pruneyard will have “Cars 2” fun:
11am – Storytime
1pm – Cupcake decorating
3pm – Build your own car
5pm – Race the car you built

Buy Tickets at Camera 7 Pruneyard


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Joann captured by "Brotherhood of the Black Flag"

I got what I wanted for my birthday.

I was captured by pirates and captivated by Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

At Camera 7 Pruneyard, I saw the film presented by Sony 4K digital in 3D while sitting in a D-Box seat. I enjoyed the film. Also, all that Camera 7 had to offer made it a fantastic birthday experience!

More about 2D, 3D, D-Box, and Super 8 (the Film) tomorrow…

Get captured by pirates see Brotherhood of the Black Flag

Someone has a case of the Mondays…

Last night, Mauricio and I went to check out Incendies at the Aquarius in Palo Alto.

We stopped by Pampas first to grab a few drinks and a snack.  I got the Gaucho which was Ypióca Crystal Cachaça, Canton Ginger Liqueur, Mango, and Lime.  It was pretty refreshing.  It got me wondering what  Ypióca Crystal Cachaça was and so I looked it up when I got home.  It’s spirit distilled from sugar cane aged for 1 year in Brazilian freijo wood barrels.  Pretty interesting. It went well with the Canton ginger liquor, which I love.  Mauricio got the Cosmo del Diablo. I think the drink fits him perfectly!  Haha…inside joke from a Words with Friends game.  The drink was 42 Below Vodka Infused with 3 Chiles, Pineapple, and Passion Fruit.  If you like drinks with a bit of a bite or a kick to it, you’ll like this drink. In fact, I think I liked his drink a bit more.

We also shared the ceviche, which was pretty light and refreshing.  It made me think of the ceviche at Casa De Cobre since it was probably one of the best ceviche’s I’ve had in the bay area.

Afterwards, we grabbed some pizza at Patxi’s which is right across the street from the theatre.  We did ordered a combo pizza with half half of the Favorite which came with pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives and the Special which has sausage, mushrooms and black olives. We had nearly half the pizza left, but it was because the pizza is pretty big and filling.  It was really good though. They also have Hogaarden on tap, which is always a bonus in my book.

A few blocks away at the Aquarius, we saw Incendies, which had won a few awards and screened at various film festivals across the world. I love these older theaters. They just have a nostalgia about them that has me a bit sad because I know after awhile, the big commercial movie theaters will eat them all up until there are none.  Anyways, the film was rather heavy and serious so I almost feel awkward for wedging it in a post about pizza and a dive bar.

The film is about two twins whose mother’s death leads them to start to unravel bits and pieces of her life that let them to travel to parts of Lebanon and Palestine.  The imagery and method of story telling was beautiful and while I found a bit of the overall plot to be somewhat over the top with the twists and turns and even contrite and predictable, I still enjoyed it. I really don’t know why any mother would subject their children to learn what the two twins in this film learned, but I guess it made for a sad story to tell.

The film despite being a film of a series of sad and unfortunate events wasn’t with out uplifting moments.  While I felt it could have been developed a bit more, the strength of Nawal Marwan (the mom) character through all of her adversities was courageous. The conviction and love that she had for her husband and three children was very admirable.  It was also interesting to see the impact of the Muslim-Christian strife in the middle east. We take a lot for granted here in the United States. We live a very peaceful life here compared to so many other countries which are plagued with political conflict and wars.

Another side note about the film. They used a lot of Radiohead in the sountrack, which I felt was really fitting.

After such a heavy film, we tried to find something open that late on a Monday night.  We checked out The Wine Room in Palo Alto where we had a glass of wine and ended up talking for a bit.  Pretty cozy place to sit and talk.  There was a couple nestled in one of the corner couches, hope we didn’t kill their romantic time by kicking it in the back there with them.

Looking for something else to do after the Wine Bar, we headed back to Campbell and ended up at the Cardiff Lounge, which was nice because I ran into an old friend there who I was able to catch up with which was rather nice.  Polished off a few more drinks before heading home.   I think Mauricio and I did pretty good for ourselves.  Three bars, a restaurant and a movie.  Not bad, for a Monday night.

Petsmart Campbell Christmas Pet Photo

Wilson has the Christmas Spirit

If your pet has the Christmas spirit like Wilson, take ’em to the PetSmart in Campbell.

Your pet can have a holiday photo taken with (a real live) Santa Claws®.

Each 4″x5″ framed photo costs $9.95 ($8.95 for PetPerks members), $5 of which will be donated to the 13th Street Cat Rescue.

*Dec. 19th, Sun. 11am – 4pm
Petsmart Campbell
(408) 374-9321
850 W. Hamilton Ave Campbell CA 95008

13th Street Cat Rescue –facebook

*Wilson – Photo Credit: Laura Marshall Photography

New Frontier Village Halloween 2010

Main Street

New Frontier Village Main Street

This Halloween weekend, October 30 & 31, journey back in time to the days of the Frontier Village amusement park.

Frontier Village was a Western themed amusement park at the intersection of Monterey Road and Branham Lane in San Jose that operated in the 60’s and 70’s.

Campbell resident Shaughnessy McGehee opens his backyard for Halloween that has an old western town modeled after buildings that were at Frontier Village. Included are authentic Antique Autos, signage, photos, and other memorabilia from the old amusement park. You will see gunfighters and western re-enactors in costume. Hot dogs for the first 100 guest both evenings and of course, Trick-or-Treating for the kids. This is a free event.

You youngins and those wanting to reminisce may want to visit the Remembering Frontier Village website.

New Frontier Village Halloween
871 Virginia Ave. Campbell

October 30-31, 2010
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Spring in Campbell – Downtown First Friday

Stroll tree-lined Campbell Avenue from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm the first Friday each month for late-night shopping, dinning, live entertainment, or just sit at a sidewalk cafe watching everyone else stroll the avenue.

May’s First Friday features the artwork of children 12 years old and younger displayed on Downtown Campbell shop windows as part of the Children’s Art Contest.

Downtown Campbell has a free Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi Hot Spots providing outdoor coverage include Gelato Classico, Sonoma Chicken Coop, The King’s Head Pub, and Orchard Valley Coffee.

In 1892, Benjamin Campbell formed the Campbell Water Company, Campbell’s first utility company, and the 130-foot water tower has become a symbol for Historic Downtown Campbell. Explore over two-dozen historical landmarks with a free walking tour map available from the Campbell Historical Museum.

Downtown Campbell directory and parking map

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