The Pearl Fishers: Excellent opera for Pros and Novices alike!

The villagers celebrate their new king Zurga with a joyous dance. Choreographed by Lise la Cour. Photo by Pat Kirk.

If you are looking for something dressy, exciting and classy to do this weekend, I resoundingly recommend Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers at Opera San Jose.  It’s no secret that while I love attending the opera, I am not qualified to review it at more than a layman’s level.  But this time I was able to bring my friend’s visiting mother, an actual coloratura soprano who has sung opera since she was a child.  So instead of coming back and telling you all, “It was Splendid!! The music was Amazing! The singers were Perfect!!  Perfect-perfect-perfect all around!” I thought maybe I could have some actual criticism to share with you all.

So this is basically what my ringer of a reviewer had to say after the show:  “It was Splendid!! The music was Amazing! The singers were Perfect!!  Perfect-perfect-perfect all around!”

Cast A: Cecilia Violetta López as the mysterious veiled priestess, Leila. Photo by Pat Kirk.

Perhaps I know more about opera than I thought! (HAH!) But I know an enjoyable show when I see one! And The Pearl Fishers is one of those shows.

Having more of a theater and film background, I always appreciate the operas that have a good meaty plot.  The Pearl Fishers has romance, betrayal, danger, a “bro-mance”, not to mention beautiful music, the best singers in San Jose, gorgeous costumes, and an impressive set.  I chose the dancing photo to head up this review because not only were they entertaining and awesome (“Perfect!”) but the dancers made my little group want to dance happily in our seats as well.

There have been operas where I wanted to fall asleep, and there have been operas that had my guest and me in hysterics… or at least wiggling with glee at the fun we were having.  Although I’m not qualified to comment technically on the performances, I feel like it’s my job to convince you all to give opera a try. The Pearl Fishers is one of those shows that will make you love the opera.  Not only that, now I know that the more people you bring with you, the more fun it is!  The three of us women put on our best clothes and jewelry again, did our hair and makeup, had a lovely and relaxing dinner at Il Fornaio, and then had the time of our lives at the opera. We were so excited and had such a good time that we came home, poured glasses of wine, and stayed up til almost 1am talking about the fun.

Don’t miss out on this incredible show and the experience that is opera.  It’s more fun than you think, and you don’t have to know anything about it to enjoy it.

Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers
Opera San Jose
Through September 23
Next up: Die Fledermaus
November 10 – November 25

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