Good Family Fun at ComedySportz

I’d heard of ComedySportz before because they give away tickets as a prize for one of the between inning games at the San Jose Giants games, but I had no idea what it really was. I expected some kind of funny take on sports, and since it was supposed to be interactive, I had baseball with the audience in my head. So then it must be something to take two 11 year old boys to and keep my head down while balls flew around the audience.

Not at all, ComedySportz is improv comedy. The audience gives two teams of comedians ideas for skits and they play it out on the stage in two teams. The audience votes on which team is the funniest and at the end of the night one team wins. Sounds simple right? Ahhh, but that’s where the fun comes in. The emcee/referee does an excellent job of creating challenging scenarios on the fly, piecing together a story line or a skit from audience suggestions. Then the actors run with it and make it funny in a series of timed sequence events. Of course the audience is involved in every step and sometimes even come on stage.

What we really loved about it is; it was fun for everybody in different ways. The boys loved the skit where the players had to stuff Psycho doughnuts in their mouths every time they didn’t get something right until they looked like deranged chipmunks trying to say their lines. Us adults liked the more mature humor that insinuates itself into the show without being too much for the kids. The energy of the players translates well to the audience and by the end of the evening the audience and the players are laughing and happy. Isn’t that what we look for in family entertainment?

The actors are pretty darn good too, and the screen at intermission reminds us of the celebrities that got their start at ComedySportz venues around the country. Jason Sudeikis and Liz Cackowski went on to Saturday Night Live, Jeff Davis is now on “Who’s Line is it anyway?” and Frank Caeit went on to MadTV among several others.

Wanna see more? Here’s a link to a video promo, and of course they’re on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, but really, you’ve got to see it in person to really get it, and that’s the fun.

*Disclosure: I was given tickets to this event. Would I pay for it and go again? You betcha.

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