Keep safe, San Jose

Paul Ray Castillo, suspect in the killing of Cindy Nguyen. (SJPD photo)

A little more than a week ago, a neighbor of mine a few blocks away reported in our local email list

Today the unthinkable happened. A guy in a car next to mine (11th & Taylor) pulled a gun and pointed it right in my face. …

It started in my driveway. I was backing out, very slowly, as usual, and I guess he thought I was going to hit him, so he went into road rage; total unprovoked, erratic behavior. He screeched, u-turned at the corner, passed me, then backed up speeding back across the intersection. He caught up with me at Taylor and 11th. That’s when I looked to the side and he pulled the gun. Luckily, I ducked, pulled into the intersection a little and the cross traffic stopped. He took off one way, I took off the other.

Yesterday the body of the presumed carjacking victim Cindy Nguyen was found in a garage near by on 12th Street. The manhunt for suspect Paul Ray Castillo, considered armed and dangerous, is still ongoing in this case.

At another location a few blocks to the east, another neighbor has been reporting drug activity and violence on his block for years, and the police have never felt they had sufficient evidence to act on those reports.

On the other hand, a week ago and 6 blocks west of 12th Street, a suspect was arrested and his stockpile of weapons and explosives was seized and destroyed by the police after he made threats to a neighbor.

I hope I never hear another story like either of the recent ones in my neighborhood, but I’d sure rather hear another 6th Street story than another 12th Street story. If you see someone acting dangerously or threateningly, do report it to the police. Even if there are times when it seems their hands are tied and they can’t act, there are other cases where they can take action that could avert a tragedy.

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