Anyone you know?

My neighbor caught these night strollers on video when they stopped to leave a calling card on an electric pole in front of his house. There’s a couple walking their small, light-colored dog. She’s in shorts and carrying a large purse. He’s wearing a sweatshirt with the hood up, dark pants, and white sneakers. The location is near 17th and Saint John Streets. The full video is on Flickr.

I won’t post the actual tag here, but you can see it in my neighbor’s Flickr stream.

What can we do about graffiti? As far as I know, the city is still operating its anti-graffiti program. They’ll provide clean-up materials and official city-beige paint to cover over graffiti. Their webpage also advertises a graffiti reporting hotline at 408-277-2758. Graffiti reported to that hotline should be cleaned up quickly if its on city property (though that “quickly” may be more of a goal than an actuality, given the city’s financial condition) or result in a notification to the property owner for graffiti on private property.

The SJPD also has a graffiti reporting webpage. Reports there won’t lead to a clean up, but they do help pile up evidence against individual taggers so that if they’re caught they can held responsible for more of the damage they’ve done.

I’ve noticed in general there has been less graffiti around the neighborhood than in past summers. I have a theory that with the mild weather kids have been staying indoors playing video games instead of looking for something to do outside. Hopefully these couple days of hot weather won’t reverse the trend.

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