EveryBlock: Police blotter info for San Jose neighborhoods

Ever wonder what’s really going on in your neighborhood? You may not want to know.

But for those of you who do, try this: Type in your zip code, your address, the name of your neighborhood, whatever, into EveryBlock in San Jose. It will tell you all the crime reported in your area, the real estate for sale, the news items posted recently about your neighborhood, restaurant inspections, recent Yelp! reviews… and it’ll even have detailed maps to spell it all out for you. Sheesh. That’s a lot of information. Scary, scary information.

But… oddly… helpful.

You can decide whether you want to be creeped out by the number of burglaries by your house by signing up for email or RSS notifications, constantly reminding you what life would have been like if you were only richer.

The best way to use the site is just to enter where you live, but you can still see some city-wide statistics, categorized into zip code or neighborhood. Some of the highlights of what you can dig up:

  • The charts for police calls for service pit neighborhoods against each other. As of today, downtown has the most, but Willow Glen comes fourth. Go figure.
  • Check out the city council agendas and see if there’s any items hidden in them with an address near you.
  • Get all your building and housing information here. What property is for sale? Any foreclosures? What about building permits nearby?
  • Have a lot of restaurants around your block? See if anyone’s been messing with the food inspectors here or are planning to change their liquor licenses here. Or just check out what your neighbors are saying about them here.
  • Seeing your zip code repeatedly in the Merc is never good. So find out what the news is saying about where you live here. (Plug: if San Jose Metblogs posts about an address in your area, it’ll show up there too. Don’t make us mad.)
  • Sometimes geotagged photos pulled from Flickr and Panoramio may be more telling than any visit for prospective homebuyers.
  • Zip codes may not accurately break down your neighborhood, so browse through this list and see if that works any better. Or if you’re more daring, browse by street.

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  1. Jennifer Bullock (jennifer) on January 25th, 2009 @ 12:05 pm

    Minor disturbing realities aside, this is a pretty awesome tool. Thanks for posting about it, Suzanne!

  2. agitationist on January 27th, 2009 @ 12:33 pm

    EveryBlock can indeed be scary, but it’s made me the best-informed person in my neighborhood. More:

  3. San Jose Metblogs 2nd Anniversary | San Jose Metblogs (pingback) on February 14th, 2009 @ 11:04 am

    […] EveryBlock: Police blotter info for San Jose neighborhoods What’s really going on in your neighborhood. […]

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