Kill the Bunny…


Anybody else make it out to Fanime 2008 at the San Jose Convention Center? If you drove through downtown San Jose last weekend, you might have noticed something a little different. Cosplayers and Anime fans swarmed the convention center and rocked throughout the entire weekend.

Several highlights this weekend:

1) A small incident involving several Christians who decided to picket the convention much to the attendees’ amusement.
2) Jesus, himself, made an appearance at the midnight showing of hentai holding a sign asking for “confessions”
3) Several fangirls couldn’t get enough of AnCafe (the music fest feature performance on Sunday night), and ended up stalking them back to their hotel room.
4) $30 for a Bowser plushie
5) Spending $100 in the Artist Alley before even walking into the Dealer’s Room.
6) Peter Griffin Vs. Chicken
7) Random choreographed dancing

Did I forget anything?

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