To BART or not to BART

Several weeks ago, there was an electrical fire somewhere close to the Hayward BART station so for the next month and a half, commuters will need to be more flexible with their schedules.

Here’s a few tips on how to survive BART for the next month and a half:

  1. Catch an earlier train (and plan to arrive at your destination later)
  2. For you Fremont/Richmond line folks, get use to the BayFair station.
  3. Don’t take BART when it’s a Spare-the-Air day AND a Bike-to-Work day AND when they need to do repairs.
  4. When it’s crowded on the station, the next train (and the next, and the next one after that) will not be the one you need.
  5. When you do finally see the train you need (after three trains have went by), it’ll be a 6 car train.
  6. And No. You can’t squeeze 15 cars worth of people into a 6 car train so please stop trying.

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