Superheroes @ Cinequest

Screening at San Jose Repertory Theater, Cinequest '08

So, I did have better luck at Cinequest the second time. I watched Superheroes by Alan Brown, a drama which to me threw light on the effects of (the Iraq) war on individuals. It helped that the movie had a couple of known faces in the lead roles.


The description on the Cinequest site was true to its word this time. The movie was indeed “a rare film that speaks to both the mind and the heart”. While the thread of bonding between the two men moves the story forward, various situations involving Ben bring out the (mental / physical / social) damage caused by war.

The movie was realistically shot, allowing the viewer to empathize with the ‘victims’. Dash Mihok and Spencer Treat Clark simply became the characters they played. Another aspect that stood out for me was the melodious background score

In all, it was a powerful and meaningful movie, if you can bear with the slightly slow pace.

San Jose Repertory Theater, Cinequest '08

Parking Tip: When you go to Cinequest, park in one of the lots which allows movie validation. Then, when you are out of a screening, remember to get a movie validation ticket from Cinequest volunteers. Sponsored by the City of San Jose, this will save you quite a bit of money.

[Picture Courtesy: Cinequest]

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