First Tremors

I was at a mall in Fremont when I experienced the first earthquake of my life. I was out in the open and in front of me, I saw stuff shake in a shop that was closed. Nothing fell down but it was something I have never seen before. When it started, for a few moments, I thought it was just some insensitive guy blaring music through his car stereo. A few people came out of the mall; people didn’t want to do anything really for a couple of minutes. After that, it was life as normal.

At the very same time, my wife had got into her car in Sunnyvale. She started the car and it shook vigorously. She truly believed that there was something wrong with the car. She stopped it and re-ignited after a minute. Everything was normal but there were people running out of the nearby building. She still didn’t understand what was going on. When she came home and switched on the TV, she heard the news.

Wow, that was a nice little Halloween scare! Just the same afternoon, I was talking about quakes in the Bay Area with a colleague who too moved in recently.

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