Hate? Racism?


This afternoon the Raging Grannies were out on the corner of Bascom and Hamilton to protest what they call a message of hate. They claim the Goldengate Minutemen oppose immigration.

I wonder if the Minutemen oppose legal immigration?

The law is justice–simple and clear, precise and bounded. Every eye can see it, and every mind can grasp it; for justice is measurable, immutable, and unchangeable. Justice is neither more than this nor less than this. If you exceed this proper limit–if you attempt to make the law religious, fraternal, equalizing, philanthropic, industrial, literary, or artistic–you will then be lost in an uncharted territory, in vagueness and uncertainty, in a forced utopia or, even worse, in a multitude of utopias, each striving to seize the law and impose it upon you. This is true because fraternity and philanthropy, unlike justice, do not have precise limits. Once started, where will you stop? And where will the law stop itself?
-Frederic Bastiat, “The Law”

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