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SJC "The Terminal"

In 2004 Victor Navorsky (Tom Hanks) gets stuck at JFK when he finds that he is a man without a country. You must have seen ‘The Terminal’.

Could we have a similar situation going on right here at SJC? The first and second time that I saw her she didn’t seem all that out of place. She was pushing around a $3 Smarte Carte (baggage cart) loaded up with a couple of bags. Now its’ cargo has grown to include a couple of Styrofoam ice chests, and a tall tube-ish box which looked to have a drink cup dispenser attached to it. She now resembles a genuine homeless person.

When she became aware of my interest she quickly held a newspaper up to cover her face, and darted out into the parking garage. She often pretends to be making a phone call or other ‘normal’ activity.

An airport official told me that they were aware of her. Because SJC is a public property and until she becomes a nuisance there is not much that can be done. I wonder?

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