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Today Google is hosting a family friendly event, but at the other end of our valley it’s a different scene altogether: Return to the 1947 Fourth of July weekend when thousands of motorcyclists descended on the sleepy little town of Hollister, California. Though the bikers didn’t really do much damage, one can just imagine how unnerving it must have for the townspeople.

This invasion was the spark that eventually led to the hottest quintessential outlaw biker movie of all time: The Wild One (1953) with Marlon Brando (Johnny) and Lee Marvin (Chino).

Tagline: Marlon Brando! Driven Too Far By His Own Hot Blood!

: I’ve seen hoodlums like this before. If you don’t get tough with them the minute they get out of line you’re sunk. You’re the cop, aren’t you? If you can’t boot these jerks out there’s plenty of us can, even if we have to bust a few heads.

: As he and his boys are guzzling beer and dancing with some of the ladies in the bar, one female dance partner questions Johnny: Hey, Johnny, What are you rebelling against?
While tapping out a jazzy beat on the top of the jukebox, he raises his eyebrow and drawls his amorphous reason for rebellion: What’ve you got?

Note: San Francisco Hell’s Angels chapter president Frank Sadilek bought the striped shirt that Lee Marvin wore in the movie, and wore it when meeting police officials.

Today the invasion continues with the HOLLISTER MOTORCYCLE RALLY.

Hollister, California
July 11 to 13, 2008

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