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A Show of Hands at SJC

Hands by Christian Moeller

Hands by Christian Moeller

“Hands” by artist Christian Moeller will adorn the new public/rental-car garage at Mineta San José International Airport in a showy manner. The mural will span 1,200 feet and stand seven stories tall – approximately 60 feet high.

Driving through SJC the hands looked to reach up and snatch at the rain.

Play with the SJC webcam (up to November so far)

SJC "The Terminal"

In 2004 Victor Navorsky (Tom Hanks) gets stuck at JFK when he finds that he is a man without a country. You must have seen ‘The Terminal’.

Could we have a similar situation going on right here at SJC? The first and second time that I saw her she didn’t seem all that out of place. She was pushing around a $3 Smarte Carte (baggage cart) loaded up with a couple of bags. Now its’ cargo has grown to include a couple of Styrofoam ice chests, and a tall tube-ish box which looked to have a drink cup dispenser attached to it. She now resembles a genuine homeless person.

When she became aware of my interest she quickly held a newspaper up to cover her face, and darted out into the parking garage. She often pretends to be making a phone call or other ‘normal’ activity.

An airport official told me that they were aware of her. Because SJC is a public property and until she becomes a nuisance there is not much that can be done. I wonder?

San Jose Airport: Construction Update

While the work to improve SJC goes on, and on, deciphering and then maneuvering through the new traffic pattern can be a challenge. Today passengers can once again be dropped off curbside in front of Terminal A.

The arrival side was to be closed to traffic, due to construction, but thank goodness someone realized what a nightmare that would be. So yes, you can still be picked up curbside just outside of baggage claim. An airport traffic cop told me that they are encouraging passengers with carry-on bags to be picked up on the departure side, closer to the International building.

Shane From Oklahoma is in Town

While at SJC I could not help but notice this young man. So that he could get up to speed on local dress, customs, and what’s happening – I gave him a ‘San Jose Metblogs’ card.

"Layla:Live or Die" at SJC

Nazanine Mousavi and Ephrain Joseph

Yes, that was a film crew at San Jose Airport today.

I spoke with Black Dove Entertainment Producer Michael Andres. Michael a graduate of Saratoga High School and UCLA told me that his cast and crew were all local people. He was kind to let me talk with the cast and take a few photos.

“Layla: Live or Die” a story that is relevant to the times and lifestyle of the Bay Area. Layla (Nazanine Mousavi), a young woman from the Middle East, must make some hard choices when the engagement to her fiancé (Ephrain Joseph) falls apart.

Black Dove Entertainment
Michael Andres – Producer

“Kidschool” – Cinequest Film Festival
“Father Son Holy ghost”

“Layla: Live or Die”

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