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Chalk Art Festival in Luna Park

lunapark-chalk-art-festivalOn Saturday, September 20 Backesto Park comes alive with the 7th annual Luna Park Chalk Art Festival.  The festival is an all-volunteer run event created to provide a family-friendly, accessible venue to showcase the talents of local artists and students, foster awareness of the critical need for arts in schools and organizations serving youth, and to raise funds for providing grants and scholarships to meet that need.

No longer a tiny neighborhood event, the festival has grown, bringing in talented performers and musicians, vendors and food trucks, including some of my favorites, Hill Country BBQ and Waffle Amore! The dancers from  Movimiento Cosmico Indigenous Dance will be there too with their stunning ceremonial dances.

Check out the Flickr feed for the Luna Park Chalk Art Festival for more photos and follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter too.

If you’d like to participate as an artist or support the festival as a volunteer or sponsor , registration for all artists, artist/vendors, schools, and nonprofits is located here.

REBOOT:Music Live at The Tech

REBOOTElectronic music fans are going to flock to the Tech next weekend for live performances from world class musicians staged amid the largest exhibition of interactive, collaborative digital music installations ever created.

Unleash your inner musician and immerse yourself in a new world of musical performances led by revolutionaries who are redefining the intersection of humans and machines.

Panel Discussion with the Artists moderated by ANI 

Interact and make your own music with:

  • 14 installations by renowned artists that allow you to collaborate and explore the boundaries of music making.
  • Red Hot and Sympathetic Resonance, two large-scale, electro-acoustic experiences bring a technological twist to familiar acoustic instruments.
  • The multi-player ConnecTable invites spontaneous jam sessions with friends and strangers alike – no rehearsal necessary!
  • The Space Palette puts futuristic soundscapes at participants’ fingertips – literally.
  • Stepping Tones’ immersive projection mapped environment lets participants create and visualize beats by hand.
  • The Laser Harp Alembic surrounds visitors with an orchestra of sounds, each just a pluck of the air away.

$15 Limited Presale Tickets HERE

RSVP to the Facebook Event HERE

Saturday, May 10th
at The Tech Museum of Innovation
201 South Market St, San Jose


The Tech Museum of Innovation




Not your grandma’s Shakespeare

The taunting of Malvolio

Anyone who still had their doubts about injecting steampunk into one of Shakespeare’s greatest comedies had their fears quelled instantly at the opening night of SJSU‘s Twelfth Night. Excitement started growing as soon as we were let into the University Theatre and saw the grand beach scene with what appeared to be the skeletal remains of a downed zeppelin.  The logic of the steampunk theme became clear when we meet Viola on the beach (and later Sebastian).  Viola and Sebastian clearly come from Shakespeare’s time.  It is the fictional Illyria, where they had been shipwrecked, that was filled with fantastical steampunk characters.  This is a world where women rule their own lives and have (somewhat) control over their men.  It is a world of mischievous antics, sexual innuendos and games, much drink, music and dancing, and, most important, fun.  It’s a land that draws in the audience, and one that we definitely did not want to leave.

Sir Toby plays with Maria

I knew I had been taking a chance in promoting this show before it opened, but I had been intrigued from the moment I had heard “steampunk + Shakespeare”.  However, my own high expectations were so far exceeded that all I can say is this is the must-see production of the year in San Jose.  I had more fun in this show than at any other show I’ve seen in recent memory and plan to see it again.  The audience — packed full of SJSU students, professors of Shakespearian literature, theater fans, and even dressed up characters from the Bay Area Steampunk Association (yes, it’s a real thing) – all had a blast as we danced along with the music, lusted after the corseted women, laughed at Sir Toby and Malvolio, and simply enjoyed Shakespeare the way the Bard himself would have wanted us to.

There was some questioning of the portrayal of Orsino as an emo rock star with “a posse”, but in this imaginative interpretation it still worked – and even the Shakespeare experts in the audience gave the show a thumbs up overall.  My guest at the show had never seen Twelfth Night or even read the play, but he loved it so much he plans to read the play now.  What more can you ask?  The steampunk theme was used partly as a way to bring Shakespeare to a new audience, to show how much fun it can be, and this production passed with flying colors on all counts.  Not only was the audience packed in both Friday and Saturday, but they had the highest grossing opening night in the last four years.

"Cesario" looks over the tortured Orsino

Although the set design, lighting, costumes and excellent choices in music (White Wedding! Dubstep! RAP!) were all outstanding, a drama production always rests on the actors.  With this fantastic group it is very hard to single anyone out, but I would be remiss in not mentioning three specific stand-out roles:

Kayleigh Larner as the sexy Maria was my favorite.  It is quite a feat to be so brilliant in her comedy while simultaneously making hearts pound as she strutted the stage in her corset, playfully whacking Sir Toby with her riding crop.  I could watch a whole show starring only Kayleigh Larner as Maria.

The recipient of those crop swats was the lucky David Scott, and his drunken portrayal of Sir Toby was both fun and slightly creepy.  Drunk through most if not all of the show, Sir Toby was playful, mischievous, and yet in full control of his senses.  Scott took his character right to the limits of bawdy humor but never once went over the top.  It was barely restrained perfection.

And finally, no review of this show will go by without mention of Drew Jones as Malvolio.  This man has been honing his comedic genius in other plays I have seen and is ALWAYS a stand-out and major scene-stealer.  As each scene goes by, the audience wants more and more of Malvolio, and the yellow stockings scene is just something…  that can’t… be missed.

The homoerotic themes of the show were not ignored

Congrats to Director Kathleen Normington for putting together a fantastical and original interpretation of Twelfth Night, and for all the help given the production by Dramaturge Dr. Adrienne Eastwood.   There was an incredible amount of work put into this show by a very large group of set designers, costumers and makeup artists, and every bit of that work shows and is appreciated.

You still have a chance to see this OUTSTANDING production, and I stake my reputation as a drama reviewer that you will not be disappointed.  Whether you are a steampunk fan, a lover of Shakespeare, ordinary theater goer, or just looking for something to do, you will not be disappointed.  You certainly can’t beat the price, and after Thursday’s show there will be a chance to ask questions of the actors, director, and dramaturge.  Don’t miss it!

Twelfth Night
November 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20 7pm
SJSU University Theatre
Fifth and San Fernando next to the San Jose Public Library
Tickets $10 students/seniors; $20 general admission
Tickets Online
Or call 408 924-4555
Wheelchair Admissable

RAIN, a Tribute to the Beatles at the CPA, San Jose

Rain: The Beatles Experience

If you’re looking for something non-Halloween to do this week, Broadway San Jose has another great show playing.  Rain, A Tribute to the Beatles is putting smiles on the faces of a pretty packed audience at the Center for Performing Arts.  If you love the Beatles, are a fan of the 60s, or just enjoy an evening of great music, this is the show for you.

Not just a bunch of Beatles impersonators, this was a fun, interactive show that gets everyone involved.  There are three large screens playing old newsreels, hilarious commercials from the 60s, animations, and lots of film of screaming girls interspersed with footage of the CPA audience as well.  Like it or not, there’s a good chance you’ll be up on that screen!  There are several great costume changes (with the Sgt. Pepper period my favorite), and the show moves chronologically from the Ed Sullivan Show through Abbey Road.

I was a big Beatles fan in my younger days but have never really sat down and listened to their music in chronological order.  I really enjoyed seeing and hearing the growth and changes in their sound and messages, and it made me appreciate their music even more.  The show starts out a little slow but quickly picks up steam and by intermission the audience is up on their feet clapping and dancing along.  As everyone streamed out of the CPA when it was over I heard several very happy and pleased comments from the audience.

The Sgt. Pepper period

I took my 18 year old daughter, usually the toughest critic in San Jose, and she loved it.  She said it wasn’t what she expected and that she really wanted to see it again.  That is just about the strongest piece of praise you can get from this child.

But time is running out to get your tickets.  Don’t miss out on this super fun show.  Give up the tricks for one night and give yourself a treat instead.

Broadway San Jose

Center for Performing Arts
October 26 – 31
Tuesday – Thursday – 7:30 p.m.
Friday – 8 p.m.
Saturday – 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.
Sunday – 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Drum Corp


Do you thrill at the sound of a marching band? Wait for half time just to see the drum and bugle corps? Love to watch the gymnasitcs of a truly awesome color guard? If you said yes to any of these questions then you’re going to love what’s happening at Stanford Saturday night (June 26, 2010) at 6:30 PM. Top world, open and all-age drum and bugle corps will gather together for a massive show, the biggest event of this kind in California this year.

Participants include local  corps as well as from Texas, Wyoming and Colorado:

Blue DevilsConcord, CA
Santa Clara VanguardSanta Clara, CA
TroopersCasper, WY
Blue KnightsDenver, CO
MandarinsSacramento, CA
Pacific CrestDiamond Bar, CA
Blue Devils CConcord, CA
Blue Devils BConcord, CA
Santa Clara Vanguard CadetsSanta Clara, CA
RevolutionSan Antonio, TX
San Francisco RenegadesSan Francisco, CA

For more information and tickets, visit the DCI website.

Tapestry Arts Festival 2009

Will this be the year of the 10-Way Jacket?

hottest trend sweeping the nation

Each year San Jose’s Tapestry Arts Festival brings us some of the most interesting art around. Whether it’s *really* unique jackets (they are there every year!), gorgeous scenic photography, detailed illustrations, or handmade pieces using everyday household objects – the festival never disappoints.

My friends and I have gone each year for awhile now, walking up and down the isles making sure to stop by almost every booth. Every year I toy around with the idea of buying an illustration, miniature sculpture, or some wild piece of jewelry. What I enjoy the most is taking photos – my kind of art – of how I see the festival.

That and enjoying some warm, fresh made kettle corn. Nom, nom, nom.. mmm.

ketttttle korn!

But arts and crafts are not the only things there. Music plays a big role at the festival, sometimes ranging from jazz to rock, to blues. With several stages throughout the festival there are simply too may acts to list here. Check out the festival’s lineup so you can be sure to catch your favorites.

But if you’re thinking it doesn’t sound any different from last year – then you’re wrong. This year there is an added event. Tapestry Arts presents the first annual Trash Art Fashion Show and Contest. “Think of it as Project Runway goes a little trashy.” So if you’re a fan of PR, a show where designers are given challenges to design clothing from sometimes unique materials, you may find this event fun to watch! The age group for the designers is 9 to 18 and they’ll be using trash and recycled materials to create wearable (they will be the models as well) art.

If you attend the festival please be sure to stop by our Flickr group and add any photos you may take of the event!

Tapestry Arts Festival
Downtown San Jose

Saturday 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
Monday 10 am – 5 pm
All proceeds fund arts education programs in schools and arts outreach to the community

Trash Art Fashion Show and Contest
Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park
Sunday, September 6, at 12:45 pm

Free Family Fun in Willow Glen – Dancin’ on the Avenues

Dancin' on the Avenue 2009 in Downtown Willow Glen Looking for something fun and free for the family this evening? The 14th Annual Dancin’ on the Avenue in downtown Willow Glen runs today (June 20) from 5-10pm. This is always a fun event with lots to do for everybody. There’s a kid’s court full of games,arts and crafts  and face painting and of course dancing and music just  for  kids too.

Lincoln Street shuts down from Minnesota to Willow, with three stages of music and dancing throughout the event. Entertainment ranges from bluegrass, jazz and salsa to classical ballet, hip hop and belly dance. Visit the official site for a  list of performers. Look for plenty of great food and drink, much from local vendors as well.

Last year 30,000 people attended the event, so parking fills up fast. If you decide to park in the neighborhood, please be respectful of the neighbors. Here’s a map of the event and suggestions on parking.

Ukes, Ukes, and more Ukes

DaSilva Ukulele Co
If you know how to pronounce “ukulele” properly (and it’s not yu-ku-LAY-lee) then chances are, you’ll know about the Ukulele Festival of Northern California happening in Hayward.

When: April 27, 2008 10:30am-5:00pm
Where: Hayward Adult School, 22100 Princeton, Hayward
Suggested Donation: $5

But for all of you who have yet to come across this distinctive instrument, watch this video to see what a ukulele sounds like in the hands of a master.

Photo courtesy of DaSilva Ukulele Co: Custom Ukuleles for Sale

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