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San José going green: Will bags be sacked?

plastic bags -- should they be banned?

Plastic bags -- should they be banned?

This week, the City Council’s Community and Economic Development Committee met to discuss a ban on plastic and paper bags. According to a Mercury News article on the issue, the only large city that has implemented a ban like this is San Francisco, as most cities which have implemented bans have banned only the plastic bags. The effort in San Jose is being spearheaded by Vice Mayor Judy Chirco and Councilmembers Sam Liccardo, Kansen Chu, and Nora Campos.

According to a presentation given at the committee meeting, fifteen other Santa Clara County cities are considering banning bags because of encouragement from the County Board of Supervisors and environmental agencies.

The City of San José’s proposed ban also includes paper bags because of the environmental impact involved in manufacturing them. “Green” paper bags, with at least 50% recycled content, would be excluded from the ban.  Restaurants would also not be required to discontinue usage of plastic bags.

Not surprisingly, the plastic industry lobby has already been urging the Council not to be hasty in making their decision. Nevertheless, the matter is heading for vote and discussion by the Council as soon as November, thanks to a unanimous recommendation by the committee.

Thank Goodness, It’s Thursday

Gilroy Councilman Craig Gartman is proposing a 4-day 10-hour workweek for the city to save the city money, save employees money on gas, and reduce pollution.

The city of Gilroy could save up to 25 percent in energy costs, customer service would be open longer hours, and city employees not commuting an extra day would help reduce emissions.

Many cities across the country, as well as the entire state of Utah have adopted the non-traditional workweek from taking every Friday off to taking every other Friday off.


NBC11 to Run on Wind Power

Another Bay Area media outlet in the news is NBC11, but thankfully the news is more of a positive nature.
NBC11 has become the first U.S. TV station to run on wind power.

“EcoLogic” is the name of their new campaign and the wind power effort is only one of many ways they’re looking to become a green station. Back in January they began by simply encouraging their employees to do some of the most simplest energy-saving tasks; turning off lights and equipment not in use.

“After two consecutive months of reduced electricity usage, NBC11 invested in Renewable Energy Certificates to offset the electricity used by the station’s San Jose studios and to help fund wind energy providers.”

This won’t be the last time we hear about EcoLogic. NBC11 plans to air themed stories throughout the next couple of months that will “show analyses of the station’s use of energy and water, its recycling programs, employee commute patterns, landscaping practices and more.”

While this may not effect us on a personal level (say unless you’re paying the bills at NBC11) it is a nice way to point out there are simple things individuals and businesses can do to contribute to saving a bit of energy and/or cut down on your carbon footprint.

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