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Cinequest Day 9

Today is a day of repeats and last chances, so look carefully at the Cinequest schedule to make sure you won’t permanently miss a really great film.  Of course, many audience favorites will be replayed Sunday (Encore Day) but we never know what those films will be until that morning – so don’t take a chance!

There are also two new Cinequest films tonight:

POTICHE ("Trophy Wife")

POTICHE is a wonderful, surprising French comedy that will NOT disappoint, and stars  Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu.  Taking place in the 1970s, it questions gender roles, sexual freedoms, and the politics of family and love.  For all its silliness in the beginning, it really brings up a lot of issues and questions towards the end.  I loved it and it made me think – a LOT, for a comedy.  It only plays one night, but luckily it’s scheduled early enough that you can still run over and catch…



Vahe Katros as Ermir, pulling his moves on the nanny.

The world premiere of THE GLASS SLIPPER, which I reviewed previously.  Set right here in the South Bay, you’ll recognize most locations, possibly some of the actors, and certainly the main character: a divorced dad who is fast talking, smooth talking, and non stop talking, full of get rich quick schemes and lots of plans with the ladies.  But since most women want nothing to do with the creepy man who lives in a motel room, he keeps more company with the loan sharks who come looking for their money.  Oh, and as a side note (especially for him), he also “spends time with” his young daughter.  As funny as the film sometimes is, it is most definitely a drama, and don’t look for anyone to ride happily ever after into the sunset when this film is over.  You can also read our interview with local director Jarrod Whaley.

Thomas & Maria, ROSA MORENA

And it’s your last chance to see ROSA MORENA.  It is illegal for a single gay parent to adopt in Denmark, where Thomas lives, so he travels to Brazil to find a baby.  He soon finds out that while it’s legal for him to adopt there, he has a better chance of finding a baby for sale.  Once he finds a willing mother he pays a very hefty price, against his friend’s advice, and the audience spends most of the film worrying about Thomas and his naive decisions, all made because of his fierce desire to somehow become a parent.  This film has touched many people at Cinequest, and though I was less than impressed with the ending, I very much did love the film as a whole.

Three mini-reviews from Cinequest


POLIGAMY:  A harmless, cute little comedy about a man who is a bit hesitant about his girlfriend Lilla’s pregnancy.  Soon after she gets pregnant he starts waking up to different women in his bed… only they all claim to be his girlfriend Lilla, and his best friend keeps confirming this is true.  What is going on?  Well, he soon figures out how to enjoy this little “problem” he has, until he realizes that he sort of misses the original Lilla.  I give it 3+ out of 5 stars, only because there’s nothing terribly groundbreaking.  But I did thoroughly enjoy myself, Sándor Csányi is quite charming as the confused András, and there is a bevy of beautiful women.  If you’re looking for a well made light comedy, this is it.


Everything Will Be Fine

EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE: I’m not even going to TRY to explain this film, but I give it a qualified 4 out of 5 stars.  It’s a conspiracy thriller that has a million twists and turns, involves political intrigue, war atrocities, filmmaking (of all things!!), adoption, and a love story.  It also had a great set of opening credits.  Unfortunately, exhaustion from previous night’s festivities caught up to me during the film, and I started dozing in and out for awhile.  There were so many twists, turns, and questions, that when I finally woke myself up I wanted to leave early because there was no way I’d catch up at that point.  But the exit door was across the theater, so I stayed in my seat.  Luckily, some answers started coming soon, and finally a whole lot is explained at the end.  I give it 4 out of 5 because I liked the surprising ending, and I liked that I was totally stumped throughout the film.  But some audience members who stayed awake were not so happy about being totally confused.  Still, I say take a chance – but make sure you’re awake enough to pay attention!!


80 Days

80 DAYS: My first 5 star film of the festival (besides those I’ve previewed early).  This film is beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking, romantic, and awesome.  If the three stars – Itziar Aizpuru (Axun), José Ramón Argoitia (Juan Mari), and Mariasun Pagoaga (Maite) – had been there at film end I am confident they would have received a standing ovation.  Axun and Maite knew each other as young school girls, and had developed a close bond.  But after having no contact for 50 years they suddenly meet again while visiting others in the same hospital.  Maite has lived her life knowing she was a lesbian, but Axun had been married from a young age and had never considered anything else.  As the feelings develop between them, it is poor Juan Mari, the husband, who will have to deal with the consequences.  It was a very touching film, and should appeal to LGBTQ or straight, men or women, young or old, almost anyone can relate to something in the film.  I loved it.

All three still have more showings coming up, click each link to find the schedule and prices.


Cinequest Maverick Meet-up — Lights, Camera, ACTION!!

The 2010 Film Festival has ended but the Summer Maverick Meet-ups have just begun!

Have fun and meet new and old friends!

Do you miss Cinequest?  Miss seeing your friends and fellow film-goers?  Then head over to E+O Trading Company on Friday, May 14.  From 5pm – 7pm anyone and everyone who loves Cinequest, independent film or film festivals in general are invited to our informal gathering of fun and friendship.

What will happen at this meet-up?  We don’t know!  But past meet-ups have had quizzes, games, prizes, special guests and even an Osama Bin Laden impersonator.  At EVERY meet-up there have been old friends, new friends and potential friends.  New faces and familiar faces.  Kathleen Powell and Halfdan Hussey.  And no matter what, great food and drinks.

It is okay if you have never attended the Cinequest Film Festival before, but if you love film you will be in your element.  If you would like to meet some people behind the scenes at Cinequest this is the place to be.   And if you like Happy Hours and meeting new people – this is where you should spend your Friday evening!

Come down to E+O Trading Company any time between 5 and 7pm on Friday, and we will see you there!

Date: Friday, May 14, 2010
Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: E+O Trading Co.
Street: 96 South 1st Street
City/Town: San Jose, CA
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