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Content launches print era

Content Magazine "Cultivator" Daniel Garcia at the print launch party.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign we reported on previously, San Jose’s local personality and fashion magazine Content has now printed its first issue. A launch party last night was attended by numerous recognizable local figures.

The printed magazine is dominated by interviews of local personalities somehow connected to the “Tech” theme of the issue, including politicians, artists, inventors, and even a blogger or two. I thought the most interesting story was an interview with Joel Slayton, director of the Zer01 art biennial. The interview covers Slayton’s history in art, starting at MIT, and future plans for Zer01. An interview with Slave Labor Graphics publisher Dan Vado brings together insights on the downtown San Jose business culture and the broader publishing business. Beyond those two interviews, there are 10 other stories filling out the issue.

The final few pages of the magazine switch over from interviews and profiles to fashion, with two multi-page photo spreads featuring dresses from The Usuals and men’s shirts from So What Industries. The photography is stylish, but some of the spreads don’t account for the fact that the binding of the magazine doesn’t let the pages lie open flat.

Content Magazine is attempting to finance their operations mainly through reader support rather than advertising. This keeps the “content” at the forefront and avoids the reader having to wade through ads to find the stories. A 6-issue annual subscription is now available for $42.

Metro headlines WTF?

This is going to come across like me doing a bad imitation of the Daily Fetch, but here goes…

Here’s the cover of the current Metro:

Really, Metro headline writer? You want to open up the can of worms that comes with trying to put Black English into print? In the front cover headline? In a way that’s so subtle a lot of people might just think you don’t know how to spell “tentacles”?

And here’s the cover of Metro from two weeks ago:

I’ve been thinking about this (obsessively) for two weeks, and I’m still not sure how to complete the thought in this headline. At least not in a way I’d be willing to print in Metblogs, let alone a print paper.

Content Magazine looking to improve print offering

Content Magazine

Since they started, Content Magazine has been one of the most visually appealing of San Jose’s hyper-local sites, and carried stories on themes ranging from “dirt” to “space”. After about 2 years online as an e-zine with a print-on-demand option, Content is now working on improvements to their print offering, and they’re looking for help through a Kickstarter campaign. Content needs about $5000 dollars to print a run of magazines in a 9×12 uncoated matte format — which magazine founder Daniel Garcia says will reduce the price per copy and improve the paper and print quality.

Donors offering $15 (less than the cost of the current print-on-demand version) will get a print copy of issue 4.0 of Content, along with other perks at higher donation levels. Content 4.0 will focus on “Tech”, including local tech companies, a tech forecast, and even some “tech music”.

As I’m writing this, they’ve gotten pledges reaching just over half of their goal, with 21 days left in the Kickstarter campaign. If you’re interested in helping Content become as well-produced in print as it has been online, you can contribute at the Kickstarter site.

From My Yoga Mat to The Movie Maverick

I was on my yoga mat this morning at 24hr, trying to focus on my breathing in savasana (or corpse pose, the much anticipated final super-duper relaxing pose of any yoga class). Usually my mind wanders off into space and I feel pretty floaty, but today it just kept going back to Tuesday night at Cinequest.

While I didn’t see any movies that night, I did have the pleasure and┬áprivilege┬áto see the one, the only, a man perhaps referred to as The King of Ayurveda; Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Cinequest 2010 brought Chopra to San Jose’s California Theater to present him with their Life of a Maverick Award. The audience, filling the seats, were first (after some rather embarrassing sound issues) treated to a showcase of Bikram yoga. Luckily they didn’t turn up the heat in the theater to match the 90 degrees of Bikram Yoga San Jose, and we were simply reminded of the beauty and power of yoga.

Chopra discussed many abstract topics, touching on the cosmos and atoms to the conscious and the soul. A favorite moment of the night was near the end where he went into the audience to answer questions. I knew what he was talking about for most of it, at least sort of. Others in the audience either seemed perplexed or completely enthralled. Either way, the general feeling was that of respect and positivity.

Dr. Deepak Chopra transformed his own life and then helped to do the same to millions others. I left feeling inspired, as I assume the filmmakers did as well, to turn the balance you can find in life into a conscience piece of art. Get more info below, I’m off to give my yoga some much needed focus.

Bikram Yoga San Jose

Deepak Chopra

– tonight’s the last night, go check it out!

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