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Stanford Mobile Blood Drive @ Whole Foods Market

Today at 11:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM

Whole Foods Market Blossom Hill
Stanford Mobile Blood Drive
1146 Blossom Hill Road
1 (408) 266-3700

Read why we should give today August 18, 2012

Whole Foods Market – Back To School Dinner Menus

We want our children to do well in school and good nutrition is important. Start at home by including the kids in planing and preparing dinner.

For new quick and easy ideas stop by the Whole Foods Market on Blossom Hill Road today, August 19, at 6 PM for a class on Back To School Dinner Menus.

One Idea – Whole Foods Recipe: Sweet Potatoes with Collards and Aduki Beans.

The healing power of the sweet potato

Whole Foods Market on Blossom Hill on Facebook.

Whole Kids Foundation

Whole Foods Market
Back To School Dinner Menus
August 19, 2011 at 6 PM
1146 Blossom Hill Rd. Map
San Jose, CA 95118
(408) 266-3700

Body Worlds Vital

The set of Gunther von Hagens’ works, Body Worlds Vital, has enjoyed an amazing run in San Jose, but there is an end to everything, to good things as well.

This will be the shows final weekend in San Jose.

The museum will remain open until midnight on Saturday, April 23rd.

What people are saying about BODY WORLDS Vital!

Information from The Tech Museum:

BODY WORLDS Vital, which has received high marks in major media outlets and on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, closes April 24th, marking the success of yet another blockbuster that has attracted thousands of visitors to downtown San Jose and millions of dollars to the Silicon Valley neighborhood’s restaurants, hotels and shops. The exhibition heads next to the Science Center of Iowa.

“BODY WORLDS Vital has definitely provoked thought and inspired action toward living healthier lifestyles,” said Elizabeth Williams, vice president of Marketing, Membership and Sales. “Presented in explicit, vivid depictions, the exhibit leaves little to the imagination – illustrating how not to leave our health to chance.”

Developed specifically for the American audience to educate people on common diseases and preventive care, BODY WORLDS Vital is a specially curated collection made up of real human body plastinates and a large arrangement of individual organs, arterial configurations and translucent slices that give a complete picture of how the human body functions. Using multi-media installations as a backdrop, the exhibit shows the body in disease and distress by comparing healthy bodies to bodies that have succumbed to a host of illnesses and medical conditions.

As an added educational value, representatives with the Diabetes Society of Santa Clara Valley, the American Heart Association and Breathe Lung California will be on hand to answer related questions and provide healthy tips to visitors. The Diabetes Society of Santa Clara is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., Saturday, April 16. The American Heart Association, 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., and Breathe Lung California, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Sunday, April 17.

BODY WORLDS Vital is the latest chapter in the HUMAN SAGA project – a series of curated museum blockbusters that began with exploration of the brain and neuroscience, cardiology and the heart, human development and longevity and aging. BODY WORLDS exhibitions have been hosted by more than 50 museums and venues in North America, Europe, and Asia – and seen by more than 32 million visitors worldwide.

The Tech Museum

DooF at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted (3 to 2) to ban the toys which are included in fast-food kid meals. I doubt that the measure, presented by Supervisor Ken Yeager, will keep children from becoming obese. There are many other reasons why a child might become overweight. Turning off a child’s want of fast food by denial will not solve the problem. Education is the solution for learning good eating habits, and that is where DooF can help.

DooF (F-o-o-d spelled backwards) is a program designed to help kids make healthful food choices. Kids learn by preparing some of their own meals and snacks while having fun. Parents take the responsibility for setting the food budget, buying ingredients, and supervising the younger chefs.

I attended two DooF-a-Palooza events held at Google in 2007 and 2008. Cooking stations were set up where kids could experience hands on food preparation. Oh, the joy on their faces – and without a toy!

DooF-on-Wheels will be at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market – Look for a Creme Brulee – colored bio-diesel Mercedes with DooF on the side. There will be kids and a film crew near by. A citrus grower, Didar Sing, will ask questions like, “Do citrus fruits really have superpowers?”

Berkeley Farmers’ Market
Center Street @ M. L. King, Jr. Way
(510) 548-3333
Saturday, May 1
10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
DooF-on-Wheels there Noon to 3:00 PM

DooF will be visiting other locations throughout the Bay Area.

DooF the Blog
DooF on facebook
FoodBackwards on twitter

Diabetes Society Camps Filling Up Fast

The Diabetes Society in Willow Glen is offering a great variety of educational and fun camping programs for Summer 2010 for kids, teens, and families living with type 1 diabetes. Because the Diabetes Society recently went through a fiscal restructuring, fewer camps are being offered; however, available camping dates and locations are filling up fast. For more information, check out the Diabetes Society web site.

Since 1963, the Diabetes Society has been providing public education and one-on-one consultations to individuals with diabetes. The Diabetes Society (1165 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 300, San Jose, CA 95125)  is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization with no regional, state, or national affiliations. Its operations are funded through donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, service clubs, special events, fees for service, and membership dues.

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Photos Copyright 2008 Diabetes Society

From My Yoga Mat to The Movie Maverick

I was on my yoga mat this morning at 24hr, trying to focus on my breathing in savasana (or corpse pose, the much anticipated final super-duper relaxing pose of any yoga class). Usually my mind wanders off into space and I feel pretty floaty, but today it just kept going back to Tuesday night at Cinequest.

While I didn’t see any movies that night, I did have the pleasure and privilege to see the one, the only, a man perhaps referred to as The King of Ayurveda; Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Cinequest 2010 brought Chopra to San Jose’s California Theater to present him with their Life of a Maverick Award. The audience, filling the seats, were first (after some rather embarrassing sound issues) treated to a showcase of Bikram yoga. Luckily they didn’t turn up the heat in the theater to match the 90 degrees of Bikram Yoga San Jose, and we were simply reminded of the beauty and power of yoga.

Chopra discussed many abstract topics, touching on the cosmos and atoms to the conscious and the soul. A favorite moment of the night was near the end where he went into the audience to answer questions. I knew what he was talking about for most of it, at least sort of. Others in the audience either seemed perplexed or completely enthralled. Either way, the general feeling was that of respect and positivity.

Dr. Deepak Chopra transformed his own life and then helped to do the same to millions others. I left feeling inspired, as I assume the filmmakers did as well, to turn the balance you can find in life into a conscience piece of art. Get more info below, I’m off to give my yoga some much needed focus.

Bikram Yoga San Jose

Deepak Chopra

– tonight’s the last night, go check it out!

Hope for Natalie


A bone marrow testing drive will take place at Roy’s Station (corner of N. 5th and Jackson Streets) on Sunday, February 21st, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. We are hoping to be able to help find a donor match for 8 year-old Natalie Nakatani, and others. The Asian American Donor Program will be on hand to take samples. Testing is painless – a simple swab on the inside of the cheek, and there are no fees involved.

Roy’s Station

Hope for Natalie

The Asian American Donor Program

AADP for translation.

San Jose: Roasting Chestnuts

Chestnuts ("Oriental Pearl")

Chestnuts ("Oriental Pearl")

If you are too busy or clueless to roast chestnuts over an open fire, or otherwise, they can be found at the Mitsuwa Marketplace.

The Chestnuts are roasted and sold warm at the front door. A little plastic opening tool is included.

Tian-Jin Chestnuts are not only tasty, they are called the “Oriental Pearl” for their nutritional value.

Mitsuwa Marketplace
675 Saratoga Avenue @ Moorpark Ave.
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 255-6699

San Jose Giants: Don’t Let Cancer Steal 2nd Base

Baseball Flyer
As a youngster growing up in Modesto one of the highlights of summer was going to a baseball game. Mom brought a Thermos filled with ice cold Kool-Aid and dad brought the cowbell. It was my job to ring the cowbell for the home team. I rang that bell for every base hit, stolen base, runner who crossed home plate, and I gave it an extra big shake for a home run. Those were the days. The kind of days memories are made of.

Today I am ringing a ‘bell’ for a baseball game here in San Jose. The August 15th meet up between the San Jose Giants vs. the Stockton Ports will be more than just a good game, it will also be an event called “Don’t Let Cancer Steal 2nd Base”.

To help fight breast cancer please take a look at “Boobs by the Bay

Put on your pink and make some baseball memories. Get your tickets now!

Game/Event Tickets cannot be purchased via the SJ Giants Box Office…they can only be bought directly from “Boobs by the Bay”

Payment can be made by cash, check or arranged via Paypal.

Delivery of tickets can be via snail mail, hand delivery, or even left at Will Call.

Please contact: Kerri Lodge at 408.846.4206 or check out the site click ‘Events’ to learn more, and purchase your tickets.

When: August 15th at 6 PM
Who: San Jose Giants vs. Stockton Ports
Where: San Jose Municipal Stadium
Why: To raise money for Breast Cancer

Hospital in Los Gatos Re-Opens

doctorCommunity Hospital of Los Gatos, which closed its doors back in April, has re-opened as El Camino Hospital Los Gatos.

El Camino Hospital purchased the former Community Hospital of Los Gatos then renovated the buildings, installed new medical equipment, and added a new electronic medical records system that ties into the system at El Camino Hospital Mountain View.

The hospital is having a community fair this Saturday, August1, where you learn about what is new and to meet staff members. There will be health lectures by local physicians, BBQ, face painting, teddy bear clinic, tours of emergency vehicles, and more.

El Camino Hospital Los Gatos Community Fair
815 Pollard Road
Los Gatos, 95032

Saturday, August1, 2009
11:00 am to 3:00 pm


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