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The Niles Canyon Ghost

Back when I was in High School, maybe even back in Junior High, there we the stories of the Niles Canyon Ghost. I cannot completely remember how the story goes, I was in a fog back then, but to this day, I do not want to travel Niles Canyon Road at night any time of year.

There are various versions of the story. The story is that a young woman was killed in an automobile accident on February 26 along Niles Canyon Road. What varies is the year (20’s, 30’s, to the 40’s) and if it was her wedding night or that she had been to a dance in Sunol.

The story is that she often makes an appearance on the anniversary of her death and stands by the side of the rode near the place on the highway where she lost her life. Drivers will stop to offer to help her. She gives an address where she would like to go in San Francisco. As the driver approaches the Dumbarton Bridge, she mysteriously vanishes from the car. This story, when told many years ago, continues with the driver going to the address given. An old woman answers the door and says that was her daughter who died many years ago,

Even though the accident was on February 26, this story is often told on Friday the 13th and around Halloween.

Disney Channel Auditions: Casting Call in San Jose

I called Spartan Stadium and asked about a rumor that the Disney Channel would be filming an episode of “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” in the Bay Area. No rumor – it’s the real deal. Extras are indeed needed. Bring the whole family out to Spartan Stadium for the tryouts.

TV Shoot “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”

Extras needed
Saturday, March 29
12Noon – 2pm

Spartan Stadium
West Side: 7th St between Humbolt and Alma
South Side: Alma St between 10th and 7th Sts
East Side: 10th St between Humbolt and Alma



Is it just news mongering, the hearsay that hints at Google saving Yahoo?

GoogHoo would be fine with me.

Starbucks: Better in San Jose


After reading the post by Ryan Healy (Metroblogging Seattle) entitled, “Prediction: “Skinny” drinks from Starbucks will be off the menu in 6 months”, I was curious to try the new sugar-free Skinny.

Last night I stopped in at a local Starbucks on my way up to SFO. I ordered a Skinny Mocha, and a regular Mocha just in case the Skinny was as wretchedly bad as Ryan had reported. I braced myself for the worst and took a sip. It was good. More than good, this was a drink I would order again.

Could this be an example of the old saying, it’s the singer not the song? Could it be, it’s the barista not the drink? Better yet, can San Jose do coffee better than Seattle?

Not on the Market


I had the occasion to drive by this home in the hills of Saratoga as it was being built. It stood empty, For Sale sign beckoning, for the longest time. One reason may have had something to do with the cemetery over the back fence. No Feng Shui found here. Then one day I noticed a basketball hoop and bikes in the driveway indicating that finally someone had moved in. A family who could care less about ghosts or Feng Shui? Anyway, it was nice to see it occupied.

And the good news, now that 49ers coach Mike Nolan will keep his job the home will not be back on the market!

Cart Collecting Van an Update

front of van As for the now infamous brown van parked on Hamilton at Meridian, I have spoken with the manager of Safeway (a busy woman to track down) regarding our concerns. She told me just this morning that the issue had been turned over to her security people.  

The manager and I have both noticed the van has been cart free for the last couple of days. She will let me know if this is just coincidence, or if her people have spoken with the owner of the van.

I also mentioned that I believed when the new Safeway opened (before her time) there was a line around the perimeter that prevented carts to be taken out of the parking lot. She said she would look into reinstalling that system.

Note: It is not a coincidence, because it is back as of June 15th.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

back of van carts

This clever guy keeps his van safe, as drivers on Hamilton Av. attempt to squeeze past the telephone pole to make the right turn onto Meridian Av., by surrounding it with carts.

I’m surprised the manager of the Safeway Store, directly across the street, approves of the carts doing a side job. What do you think, should I ask?

front of van

A Big Score for San José


Football could score big in San José if developer Lew Wolff’s plans for a new facility are realized. A shared stadium would be a win-win for both Major League Soccer and the San José State University Spartans. Lew Wolff would bring Futbol back to town with a new team to be called the San José Earthquakes.

The SJSU contribution would be the University owned land on East Alma Avenue at South 10th Street. The dual-use facility would be built by Wolff. This sweetheart deal would include up to six community soccer fields near Kelly Park.

All Clear for Now

All%20Clerar.jpgI was on Park Avenue, on my way to Japantown to check out a new market this morning around 11:30, when I saw that the 1300 block of West Hedding St. was coned off. Then I saw the police cars and firetrucks. What was it going to be, a new market or find out what was going on? It was about thirtyfive minutes later when they called the all clear.

From talking with a group of neighbors, that had gathered on the corner, I found out that someone had called in a threat to blowup a house. Picking up on bits of their gossip, it sounded as though the house in question was a troubled home.

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