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San Jose Airport: Construction Update

While the work to improve SJC goes on, and on, deciphering and then maneuvering through the new traffic pattern can be a challenge. Today passengers can once again be dropped off curbside in front of Terminal A.

The arrival side was to be closed to traffic, due to construction, but thank goodness someone realized what a nightmare that would be. So yes, you can still be picked up curbside just outside of baggage claim. An airport traffic cop told me that they are encouraging passengers with carry-on bags to be picked up on the departure side, closer to the International building.

Update: San Jose Taxi Fare 2008

The SJ City council approved a meter increase:

$3.50 flag drop – ($5 flag drop out of SJC.)
$3 per mile
$30 per hour wait time
$1.50 extra for any trip to SJC

A study will be conducted to evaluate customer reaction to a $15 minimum taxi fare out of SJC.

I betcha no one will be for that one! Especially the people that like to park at a near by business, and then take the cheap (taxi) way.

Taximeter Increase for San Jose Cabs

With my last months gas receipts adding up to $1,500, I was almost giddy to find gas at $4.13 a gallon. We (taxi drivers) have been only hanging in there for sometime now. If the city council approves a meter increase this afternoon it won’t totally fix the situation, but it will help keep the taxicabs rollin’.

The new ‘flag drop’ would be $3.50 – the per mile charge would then be $3.00.

A $15.00 minimum out of SJC would be appreciated.

Mayor Chuck Reed is for the hike, and hopefully he will have some influence with the city council.

Shane From Oklahoma is in Town

While at SJC I could not help but notice this young man. So that he could get up to speed on local dress, customs, and what’s happening – I gave him a ‘San Jose Metblogs’ card.

"Layla:Live or Die" at SJC

Nazanine Mousavi and Ephrain Joseph

Yes, that was a film crew at San Jose Airport today.

I spoke with Black Dove Entertainment Producer Michael Andres. Michael a graduate of Saratoga High School and UCLA told me that his cast and crew were all local people. He was kind to let me talk with the cast and take a few photos.

“Layla: Live or Die” a story that is relevant to the times and lifestyle of the Bay Area. Layla (Nazanine Mousavi), a young woman from the Middle East, must make some hard choices when the engagement to her fiancé (Ephrain Joseph) falls apart.

Black Dove Entertainment
Michael Andres – Producer

“Kidschool” – Cinequest Film Festival
“Father Son Holy ghost”

“Layla: Live or Die”

Changes at SJC (the Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

I have not been on a plane since the late 60s and therefore not known as an airport connoisseur, but I do believe that arriving travelers will find the design of our new Terminal B pleasing. In San Jose, this translates to: I hope no one ridicules it.

After all, there are enough chuckles over the two extraordinarily large, steep, and ugly staircases recently added to each end of Terminal A. The stairs are emergency exits. Imagine the announcement: Please proceed to the nearest stairway – while taking care not to break your neck on your descent.

Some good news for SJC business travelers: Free Wi-Fi is now available (excluding Terminal A baggage area) in both Terminals. The bad news is that the Wi-Fi is not assessable in all areas. An airport official informed me that the off site ‘cell phone waiting area’ located on Airport Boulevard east of 87 would not be included.

San Jose Welcomes Lt Christina Ortega

Happy to be Home
Christina and Grandma

I had just dropped a customer at SJC when I noticed a few SJPD cruisers, motorcycle handlebars, and a car all done up in red, white & blue. Could this be for John Kerry?

I parked and grabbed my camera. Just up the escalator from baggage claim I found a group of people with American flags and signs. Must be the spot.

As I stood there waiting for my photo op, I noticed how the others were dressed. Some holding bouquets of yellow roses. There was something, ‘wrong with this picture.’

I asked a lady, wearing a supporting our troops t-shirt, if she was waiting for John Kerry. Her eyes got big as she started to laugh. Turns out they were there to welcome home Navy Lt Christina Ortega.

Lt Christina Ortega returned from deployment to Iraq where she served as a PIO ( JAG) with the US Marines.

Flagship Detroit DC-3

Flagship Detroit DC3_01

The Flagship Detroit made a special visit to San Jose CA yesterday. The Flagship Detroit Foundation which owns the vintage DC-3 makes stops in many stations that American Airlines operates out of as a show of appreciation to the many AA employees system wide who helped contribute to preserve the aircraft.

Manufactured in Santa Monica, CA (year 1937) the Douglas DC-3 G120 is powered by twin Wright Cyclone engines with Hamilton Standard propellers. The engines are rated at 1350hp Model No. 1820-56. The DC-3 has 4 tanks which holds 201 gallons each with a flight range of 1,215 nautical miles. The cabin holds 21 passengers, 2 pilots, and 1 flight attendant, wait I meant “stewardess”…1937 right?

SJC – New Cell Phone Waiting Area

30 Minute

People had just gotten the hang of using the cell phone waiting area near terminal C when signs went up announcing its closure, and directing them to the new waiting area.

I have the need to know, so I drove over to Airport Parkway expecting to see something like a fenced area with a big sign announcing ‘it’ as the official Cell Phone Waiting Area, but what I got was surprised.

It turns out that the newest Waiting Area is actually realized by pulling curbside between little airport signs in a 30 minute parking zone. Zowie, more fancy high-tech stuff from our quaint little port. Here’s hoping it is only a temporary fix.

Mineta San José International Airport: Topping-Out Ceremony

Norm Mineta

I was fortunate to witness something exciting at SJC today. San José Mayor Chuck Reed asked former San José mayor Norman Mineta to please instruct construction workers to lift the final steel beam into place thus completing the frame of the North Concourse. The North Concourse (Terminal B) will be open for passenger use sometime in 2009.

Mr. Mineta recollected the time back when the airport was being sued by the homeowners who were living directly under the flight path. He told us how after the city bought the homes, allowing the residents to move somewhere more tranquil, the city was approached by a cemetery wishing to use the land. The city had to turn the offer down. Mr. Mineta asked, “Could we imagine the pilot saying, ‘We are now making our final approach!’

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