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Remembering 9/11


“None of us will ever forget this day…” – President Bush

That morning I happened to have the TV on. Seeing what was happening in New York I called out to my husband. Together we watched in horror as the second plane hit. The decision was made to take our daughter to school and go to work.

Air traffic had to land thousands of planes and departures were stopped nationwide. As taxi drivers we knew that the many people at San Jose Airport would need transportation back to their homes or to hotels. It was a very busy morning for us. When the sky was quiet and the airport empty we went home.

*In Chico Ca.- To honor the 9/11 firefighters this patriotic goose is wearing a hand crafted costume.

Take Flight for Kids 2010

The Third-Annual “Take Flight for Kids” brings science, arts and do-it-yourself activities to Reid Hillview Airport Saturday, September 25.

Take Flight for Kids is the biggest free hands-on science and art festival in the Bay Area. More than 200 nonprofit groups and vendors will demonstrate hands-on activities focused around science, technology, engineering and math. Also, live entertainment and food vendors.

Take Flight for Kids is dedicated to empowering and encouraging underserved young people through hands-on science and aviation-related activities, but all young people and their families are welcome.

Festival admission is free for everybody who signs up online here.

Please bring a canned good, diapers and wipes, or new socks for Bill Wilson Center.

Exhibitors include:

Academy of Model Aeronautics
Association for Women in Science
Botball – NASA Robotics Alliance Project
Cisco System – Women in Technology Action Network
Cisco Systems – IT Rocks performance
Critters by the Bay
Girls in Tech
Mad Science of the Bay Area
NASA Accessibility
Oak Grove High School Eaglebots Botball Robots
Oakland Raiders
Reading Partners
Rise Above Dyslexia
San Jose Earthquakes
Santa Clara Valley Gem and Mineral Society
Schmahl Science Workshops
Space Sciences Laboratory UC Berkeley (Surfin’ the Solar Wind!)
St. Clair Aeronauts
Stanford Solar Center
Team 254 Robotics
VCHS Robotics Teams
Women in Aviation
Youth American Red Cross Silicon Valley Chapter
Youth Science Institute
Over 200 nonprofit groups and vendors …

Third Annual Take Flight for Kids
Reid Hillview Airport
2500 Cunningham Drive, San Jose

Saturday, September 25, 2010
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Free Admission to the Festival – Register here

Moffett Field – Hanger One & Zeppelins

Many years ago Moffett Field’s Hangar One was built for the USS Macon. Today the goal is to save Hangar One from demolition. Hope is with the Navy and NASA Ames to follow though with plans to bring Hangar One up to current safety standards.

The History of Moffett Field – a Free Lecture: sponsored by the Saratoga Historical Foundation.

“John Mascali will trace the 75 year history of Moffett Field beginning in 1930 to the present. The multi-media presentation is free to the public. Mascali, a director of Moffett Field’s Historical Society will recount stories of the construction of the historic Hanger One, the dirigible USS Macon, the squadrons and aircraft that have flown out of Moffett Field and some of the history of NASA Ames.

Hangar One, built during the Depression, is one of the largest unsupported structures in the country. The floor covers 8 acres and can accommodate 10 football fields. The hangar’s’interior is so large that fog sometimes forms near the ceiling. Hangar One was used to house the USS Macon, a 785 foot dirigible. The Macon could accommodate 100 officers and men; sleeping berths, a mess room, a galley and observation platform in the nose and tail. The Navy used the dirigible for reconnaissance. The ship was useful because of its silent motion and speed (up to 80 mph) for long distance.”

Monday, March 15 @ 7:15 PM
Immanuel Lutheran Church
14103 Saratoga Avenue
Saratoga, CA 95070

In 2008 I was invited to go up in an Airship moored at Moffett Field. It was a ride of a lifetime.

see Airship Ventures

Zeppelin flickr set

IN-N-OUT Burger Near SJC


Yippy! Located just off of Coleman by the San Jose Airport, in front of Lowe’s, this new IN-N-OUT looks like it will be open for business any day now.

1140 Newhall Drive
San Jose, CA 95126

A Show of Hands at SJC

Hands by Christian Moeller

Hands by Christian Moeller

“Hands” by artist Christian Moeller will adorn the new public/rental-car garage at Mineta San José International Airport in a showy manner. The mural will span 1,200 feet and stand seven stories tall – approximately 60 feet high.

Driving through SJC the hands looked to reach up and snatch at the rain.

Play with the SJC webcam (up to November so far)

Security express lanes closed at SJC…and good riddance

The Merc reported this morning that security express lanes at SJC and other bay area airports closed this week due to insolvency of Clear, the company that operated them.

Hopefully worse is in store for the misconceived and anti-American airport pre-screening program (but realistically, a new company will be running those lines by the end of the year). Never mind that this program is tailor-made for terrorists who want to find out which of their agents are on the US government watch list (but thanks to Bruce Schneier for pointing it out). Never mind that this is a blatantly anti-egalitarian program that leaves those of us waiting in the cattle chute wishing we could give the world-mover being ushered through the Clear line a punch in the nose.

The real problem with the program is that it means our government leaders don’t have to eat their own dog food. They can legislate endless security hassles for the rest of us, but instead of enduring it themselves, they can look down their noses, ask (in a metaphorical Hahvahd accent), “don’t you know who I am?”, and skip right through. Maybe they have to pay the same $100 per year for pre-screening as anybody else, but they’re sure to get it back again as a campaign contribution from Clear by the end of the year.

The other galling aspect of the pre-screening program is the sheer stupidity of it. Didn’t the power elites (and by creating this program, they really demonstrate that “power elite” isn’t just a Marxist buzzword) who thought this up realize how resentful it would make the rest of us? How obviously anti-egalitarian it is? I realize its unrealistic to expect the power elite to wither away, leaving behind a paradise of social and economic equality, but I demand a power elite with some intelligence!

Remembering College Park

Coleman and University

The former residential neighborhood of College Park was mostly demolished to clear approach paths to SJC. Photo by Avi Morgan

What’s now the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens, just west of Highway 87 and south of the airport, was formerly a neighborhood of middle-class homes. When the expanding airport required clearance for its approach paths, the residents of College Park were forced out of their homes, and entire blocks were razed. Avi Morgan’s photos document the current state of the neighborhood where he grew up. Many of Morgan’s photos are accompanied by poignant commentary on his personal history in the neighborhood, and the loss of historical connections as the San Jose area evolved into Silicon Valley.

Morgan isn’t only interested in College Park. His photographic and historical interest covers the rest of downtown San Jose, and other areas of the Bay Area. For example, he has photos from IBM’s abandoned building 25 and threatened downtown buildings.

If you’re a San Jose newcomer like me, maybe a part of the corporate culture that dominates Silicon Valley, take a tour through Morgan’s photostream to gain an appreciation of how the area has changed. If you’re a native, Morgan’s photos should remind you of some of your own history.

SJC "The Terminal"

In 2004 Victor Navorsky (Tom Hanks) gets stuck at JFK when he finds that he is a man without a country. You must have seen ‘The Terminal’.

Could we have a similar situation going on right here at SJC? The first and second time that I saw her she didn’t seem all that out of place. She was pushing around a $3 Smarte Carte (baggage cart) loaded up with a couple of bags. Now its’ cargo has grown to include a couple of Styrofoam ice chests, and a tall tube-ish box which looked to have a drink cup dispenser attached to it. She now resembles a genuine homeless person.

When she became aware of my interest she quickly held a newspaper up to cover her face, and darted out into the parking garage. She often pretends to be making a phone call or other ‘normal’ activity.

An airport official told me that they were aware of her. Because SJC is a public property and until she becomes a nuisance there is not much that can be done. I wonder?

Fly eBay

the other side of eBay

San Jose-based eBay with an auction featuring flights.

Take a look at JetBlue on eBay

Arizona Cardinals in San Jose

Arizona Cardinals
Click the photo.

I spotted this beautiful ‘US Airways – Airbus A319 -132 – Arizona Cardinals’ waiting for take-off at SJC this morning. The Cardinals are scheduled to meet-up with the Oakland Raiders (McAfee Coliseum) on Aug. 23. I wonder which of the local fields the Cardinals will be using for practice?

The Official Site – Cardinals

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