Rabbit’s Foot Meadery – Sunnyvale, Ca

With all of the warm weather we’ve been having, a friend and I decided to check out Rabbit’s Foot Meadery yesterday afternoon. For those of you who don’t know what Mead is, the guys here at the Meadery will definitely educate and tell you all they know about Mead, but for all simplicity sake, Mead is basically honey wine.

Rabbit’s Foot Meadery is the only meadery located in Sunnyvale and I had heard a lot of good things about this place from friends who had been there, especially my beer and brewing friends.

I think it’s kind of nice that we have a meadery here in Sunnyvale, not to mention it is one of the biggest meaderies in the United States and has won a lot of awards.  Not to mention, their mead is the only one served at French Laundry.

The tasting room itself is open for tasting Tue-Thur 2pm-7pm, Fri 2pm-8pm and Sat 1pm-5pm.  We ended up going on a Thursday after lunch. They were pouring quite a few items, not just mead.  They also had some cyser (cider style) and braggots (beer style.)

The tasting room itself is quite cozy and has an intimate feel to it.  Kelly was working behind the counter and was very nice and really knew his stuff about mead.  We didn’t know a lot about mead but he never made us feel intimidated.

We ended up doing a tasting of all three items the mead, cyser and braggots.

Rabbit's Foot Meadery

Kelly was really interesting to talk to and very informative. We talked about the meadery stuff and about random stuff as well.  I thought it was cool that he even mentioned that “nerd” was spoken here, as a few of their Mug Club members started trickling in as our tasting was ending and ended up engaging us in some conversation about comics.

The mead wine itself was very refreshing on a hot day.  Not to mention, extremely sweet and tasty. I’ve you’ve never had mead before, I definitely recommend it.

The tasting itself didn’t take long, but because we ended up talking and chit chatting, we ended up ordering a drink afterwards as well.  The environment was so relaxing and felt very comfortable and homey.  I really liked it.  We liked it so much, we bought a few of their beers and wines and are hoping that next year we can become a part of their Mug Club, which is limited to 50 people and every member has the option to renew every year, with spots opening up when a member chooses not to.  We’re hoping to slide in and pick up one of these spots next year when they open up again in June.  It’s a pretty cool concept and it seemed as if a lot of mug club members were there that night towards the end of our tasting.

Overall, we really liked this place.  We can’t wait to go back.  Especially with the summer, the mead definitely is a nice thing to have on a warm day.



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