Food on Wheels in the South Bay

You know when you were little and you’d hear familiar music outside and realize OMG THE ICE CREAM MAN! There was someone in a truck out there bringing food to you! Then of course, you might also be familiar with the oodles of “taco trucks” – they’re nothing new. But for some time now a new flavor of food trucks have been popping up. Trucks that bring you Korean BBQ, Ice Cream and Karaoke, Lobster Rolls, and Cupcakes.


YES. The world is a lovely place. Let me share a few yummy truck-filled treats with you and where and when you can experience them for yourselves:


TreatbotI had never heard of them until last Friday. My friend Jessica told me that there’d be an “ice cream karaoke truck” at the SJ Bike Party pre-party in the SoFA district and that was enough for me to be intrigued. Did you have to sing for your ice cream? No. But if you did, and you got over 95 points – your ice cream was free. Sweet deal – but hard to achieve. The level is set on hard for everyone – so you’ve got a challenge! It was fun listening to people sing, my favorite was the rendition of New Kids On The Block’s “Hangin’ Tough”. The truck has a karaoke machine on the side complete with a fancy light to make you feel like you’re ON STAGE. Sort of, but it’s something! They also have unique flavors like “Mexican Chocolate” (there’s a little spice to it, it was quite tasty!), Macapuno (coconut), Green Tea, Eastside Horchata, and my favorite (for now) Banana Almond Fudge – just to name a few. Get your ice cream in a cone or cup OR if you’re feeling extra cheeky, sandwiched between cookies (Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip, or Chocolate Chocolate Chip.)

Treatbot Karaoke Ice Cream truck
June 3rd, Music in the Park, Plaza de Cesar Chavez / June 4th SubZERO Festival, SoFA District / June 21-26 Left Coast Live, Downtown San Jose

MoGo Korean BBQ Taco Truck

MoGo MenuSo I have to admit, I’m pretty new to Korean food. This coming from someone who had two best friends in Jr/High school that were in fact, Korean. I just didn’t really dive into the food. Anyway – again, SJ Bike Party pre-party and I was again informed by my friend that this food truck was going to be there. This is where we decided to get dinner that night, from the truck with the tasty meaty smells coming from it. They had tacos and burritos filled with either chicken, pork, tofu, or short ribs. The burritos had kimchi fried rice and a spicy chipotle sauce. But that’s not all! In addition to that, they had a quesadilla option (cheese, spicy pork, tofu, or kimchi). I think their most unique items had to be the Sliders, Bay Area Dog, and Dirty Dog. The Sliders were filled with short rib meat, spam, jack and cheddar cheese. They had the yummy spicy chipotle sauce as well. The Bay Area Dog and Dirty Dog are similar, both have kimchi, jack and cheddar cheese and the chipotle sauce – but the Dirty Dog is wrapped in BACON.

MoGo Korean BBQ Taco Truck
Twitter: @mogobbq
Facebook: MoGo BBQ
No future listings on their site, but follow their Twitter or Facebook page and you’ll be updated day-of and maybe they’ll be near you!

Cupkates and KaraVan (Kara’s Cupcakes)

Cupcakes on wheels! More admitting on my part – I’ve only tasted cupcakes from Kara’s Cupcakes. They’re good – I remember the lemon one being pretty lemon-y. How’s that for a description? I’m a little biased when it comes to cupcakes because I love to make them myself – it’s one of my “things”. I’ve made all sorts of wacky flavors… but this isn’t about me. It’s about food on wheels. And there’s a way you can get your cupcake fix. Cupkates flavors: Salted Caramel, Strawberry Swirl, Twinkie, and Lemon Raspberry all sound super tasty. Kara’s Cupcake flavors: Sweet S’mores, Kara’s Karrot, Banana, Raspberry Dazzle, and Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Ganache to name a few.

Twitter: @cupkatestruck
Facebook: Cupkates Truck
Looks like a lot of Oakland/Berkeley area listings; tomorrow 5/28 they’ll be in Emeryville (64th / Hollis at 12pm)

Kara’s Cupcakes (and KaraVan)
Twitter: @karascupcakes
Facebook: Kara’s Cupcakes
Gimmie!: Nothing noted soon in our area, but keep watch on Twitter/Facebook. Also you can always stop by their Santana Row location to get your cupcake fix!

Sam’s Chowdermobile

Alright everyone, if you weren’t hungry by now – this might just do it for you. First, lets say you are a lobster lover. Well, actually even if you’re just so-so this might change your mind. Sam’s Chowder House, located in Half Moon Bay, is home to the famous Maine Lobster Roll (voted one of the top five “Best Sandwiches in America” by NBC’s The Today Show) Thick juicy chunks of lobster, soaked in butter in a toasted bun. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Seriously, you have to try it. And thankfully – Sam’s now has a mobile unit! I found out today, thanks to Mercury News article about it, and frankly it inspired this whole post. They offer other tasty food, but it’s the roll that will win your heart.

Sam’s Chowdermobile
Twitter: @chowdermobile
Facebook: Sam’s ChowderMobile
June 10th and 24th, 11:30-1:30p, 111 Market / St James

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