Spice Hut returns to North First Street

After a two year absence, Spice Hut has reopened on North First Street. The South Indian fast food restaurant had been open for about a year or two when it closed abruptly two years ago. I had thought it was long gone, when I heard it had reopened at the same location as before. In fact, they’ve been back since October of last year.

Spice Hut is part of a small chain, with other outlets in Sunnyvale and Newark. The menu has more than the typical North Indian fare most westerners are familiar with. Spice Hut serves South Indian breads like dosas and oothappams, curries, and biriyanis. A whole section of the menu is devoted to “Indian Chinese” dishes, which I’ve been too apprehensive to try. There are both vegetarian and meat dishes on the menu.

My favorite are the dosas, which are giant crepe-like pancakes made from lentil flour. Spice Hut has a sada (plain) dosa; a masala dosa, where the crepe is folded over a portion of potato filling; Mysore masala dosa, with a chili paste spread over the dosa plus potato filling; and spinach masala dosa, which is like Mysore masala dosa but with spinach spread instead of chili paste. A paper menu by the register has a couple of extra options that aren’t on the menu on the wall.

The portions for curries are very generous, enough to take home leftovers for the next day. Dosas, on the other hand, come with sambal (brothy soup) and two sauces, and make an excellent light dinner. Prices are very affordable.

Spice Hut is located at 1086 North First Street in San Jose, and is open Monday – Saturday, 11:30 am to 9:30 pm.

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  1. randramble on February 2nd, 2010 @ 9:28 pm

    Few things:
    – I heard that Spice Hut closed down in North 1st Street due to a fire accident and now they have re-opened.
    – Don’t fear Indian Chinese. Find out more at Wikipedia.
    – Spice Hut serves sambhar (side-dish to be eaten mixed with rice or with dishes like Dosa). Sambal is different and not Indian.

  2. Matt Bruensteiner (thephoton) on February 2nd, 2010 @ 10:52 pm

    Hi Rand,

    Thanks for the corrections. Here’s the Wikipedia article on Sambhar .

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