Earth Day at SJSU


Captain Planet at SJSU (TwitPic credit: @tnisatard)

Captain Planet at SJSU (TwitPic credit: @tnisatard)

Confession: I’ve actually been too tied up with homework today to participate in SJSU’s Earth Day celebration, but I did want to procrastinate for a bit and point out a few notable things about today’s occasion on campus:


  1. According to, the founder of Earth Day is an SJSU alumnus. Gaylord Nelson graduated in 1939 and began Earth Day in 1970 while serving as a U.S. senator. There’s a book on his life here, which has a quote from Al Gore saying that Nelson is “widely regarded as one of the leading environmentalists in American history.” That’s saying something.
  2. Did you know you can recycle a dead cow? For those of you who live in Santa Clara County, the Recycle Stuff Web site will tell you exactly what you can and can’t recycle. (The Center for the Development of Recycling, which maintains the site, is an SJSU-based project.)
  3. To see what the SJSU campus itself is doing nowadays for the Earth, and not just for Earth Day, check out the Environmental Resource Center at SJSU and the Environmental Club (outdated Web site but from what I understand an active club). Also check out the Environmental Studies department.
  4. I also dug up this document published in 2008 that outlines the campus strategy to be more environmentally sustainable. Highlights: Looking into installing solar panels for select buildings, increasing use of recycled water in the MLK Library, using recyclable and compostable packaging in food and dining areas, and using locally grown produce. (Document from here.) How much of it is feasible? How much is already implemented in the year since this document is released? What’s been tabled? I’ll have to do some more digging and calling. But instead, since I really do have to get back to my schoolwork …
  5. Captain Planet was on campus. That is all.

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