Did Demi Moore help save a San Jose woman’s life on Twitter?

Early this morning, a woman in San Jose sent this tweet to Demi Moore:


Immediately Demi Moore retweeted it on her own profile, adding “Hope you are joking.” There was every indication that she was not. 

The woman’s profile indicated only that she was located in the Silicon Valley, so mere seconds after Demi reposted the tweet, the San Jose Police Department fielded phone calls from near, far, and everywhere in between. SJPD reported that they found the woman and she is safe and under evaluation.

I’m not directly linking to the woman’s Twitter profile to respect her need for privacy in the aftermath of a very public plea for help, but it’s out there if you want to find it. I’m also not going to be posting on whether Demi saved someone’s life, if Demi herself should have called 911, what Twitter’s role is in all of this, blah blah blah.

Instead, if you ever come across a similar situation with an imminent threat of suicide, call 911 immediately. If you know someone locally dealing with suicidal thoughts, read this first, then encourage them to call the Santa Clara County Mental Health, Suicide & Crisis Service:


  • San Jose (408) 279-3312
  • North County (650) 494-8420
  • South County (408) 683-2482


If they’re outside the county, have them call 1-800-SUICIDE.

I’ve also been trying to look up an online anonymous 24/7 instant messaging service that helps those in distress. The only things I’ve been able to find are MyTherapyNet,  this service from the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network and some social networking sites linked to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 

If you know of any, please leave links in the comments.

Having dealt with friends with suicidal thoughts in the past, I do not take these stories lightly, and neither should you. I just hope this bit of information can help someone, somewhere.

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