The Niles Canyon Ghost

Back when I was in High School, maybe even back in Junior High, there we the stories of the Niles Canyon Ghost. I cannot completely remember how the story goes, I was in a fog back then, but to this day, I do not want to travel Niles Canyon Road at night any time of year.

There are various versions of the story. The story is that a young woman was killed in an automobile accident on February 26 along Niles Canyon Road. What varies is the year (20’s, 30’s, to the 40’s) and if it was her wedding night or that she had been to a dance in Sunol.

The story is that she often makes an appearance on the anniversary of her death and stands by the side of the rode near the place on the highway where she lost her life. Drivers will stop to offer to help her. She gives an address where she would like to go in San Francisco. As the driver approaches the Dumbarton Bridge, she mysteriously vanishes from the car. This story, when told many years ago, continues with the driver going to the address given. An old woman answers the door and says that was her daughter who died many years ago,

Even though the accident was on February 26, this story is often told on Friday the 13th and around Halloween.

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