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Leukemia claims Bill Walsh and Tom Snyder

Bill Walsh died of leukemia Monday at Stanford Medical Center.

Bill Walsh was born November 30, 1931. He attended San Jose State University where he was a boxer and wide receiver.

He began his coaching career at Washington High from 1957-1959 in Fremont. From there, he went on to be an assistant coach at UC Berkeley and then Stanford. His NFL assistant coaching career took him to the Oakland Raiders (1966), Cincinnati Bengals (1968-1975), and then the San Diego Chargers (1976). He returned to Stanford (1977-1978) this time as head coach. Then, what we remember most, was his tenure as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers (1979-1988) where he lead the 49ers to three Super Bowl Championships (1981, 1984, 1988). After Super Bowl XXIII he was a broadcaster for NBC and returned to Stanford and the 49ers serving in various capacities.

He is most remembered for his time spent with the 49ers and his use of the West Coast Offense.
More info.

Tom Snyder died Sunday in San Francisco from complications of leukemia, he was 71.

Snyder is best known as host of “The Tomorrow Show” in the 70’s, which followed Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show.” He returned to late night television in the late 90’s to host “The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder” that followed David Letterman’s “Late Show.” More info.

Both gentlemen will be missed immensely.

SaberCats ArenaBowl XXI Champions

SaberCatsCongratulations to the San Jose SaberCats ArenaBowl XXI Champions with a 55-33 win over the Columbus Destroyers played in New Orleans.

This is their third championship with wins in 2002 and 2004 (both against the Arizona Rattlers). It was also the third ArenaBowl victory for SaberCats’ head coach Darren Arbet. The MVP went to San Jose QB Mark Grieb.

The only major hiccup for the SaberCats was a fumble. Other than that, they looked like champions.

Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house…

… the Spice Girls are coming to San Jose.

Yup, Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria are doing a world tour. They will be in San Jose December 4. You need to register on their Web site for tickets. Allegedly, they already have over 3 million ticket requests. I know you have been holding your breath in anticipation of seeing Mrs. David Beckham. Now you can breathe.

Spicy Site

Spooky Spice

The music, err, the smell is in the air

Harvesting Garlic
Up until 10 years ago, I always wondered why the air in parts of San Jose had a particular smell to it. It’s not a bad smell, but it always arrived some time around summer, and it was almost always in the morning hours. It wasn’t until my wife said it smelled like garlic… Suddenly, it all made sense! it’s Gilroy Garlic Festival time! The smell was more of the aroma of roasted garlic! Yum!

The festival starts today, July 27 and runs through July 29.

While parking is free, tickets are as follows:
General – $12
Seniors 60 and over -$6
Children 6 to 12 – $6
Under 6 – Free
Tickets are sold at the gate.

What To Do, What To Do

thinking.jpgIt is going to be a busy weekend…

The SaberCats will be playing the Columbus Destroyers in ArenaBowl XXI this Sunday in New Orleans (noon on ABC).

The third annual San Jose Grand Prix, if you do not know about this then you have been living under a rock.

Not into Champ Car? How about drag racing? The NHRA Nationals are this weekend at Infineon Raceway (Sears Point) up in Sonoma. There is much anticipation for some record-breaking runs.

The 29th annual Gilroy Garlic Festival this Friday through Sunday. New this year is the Garlic Showdown, an Iron Chef style competition Sunday at noon.

None of the above? Then head on over to Aptos this Saturday for the First Annual Salsa Festival. There will be a salsa-making demonstration, a salsa-making competition, along with music and dancing. Bring your favorite salsa recipe to the competition. Have your entry submitted before 9:00am along with this form. Aptos Farmers Market location and hours here.

Rotten Robbie Goes Green

As I zoomed my way down Almaden Expwy the other yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see a large banner advertising the availability of B-20 bio-diesel at the Rotten Robbie gas station (Almaden Expwy & Cherry/Chynoweth). This is a big step forward when it comes to the ideal of limiting our dependence on foreign oil. Rotten Robbie is surely not a major gas station chain like Chevron, Shell, or Union 76 but they do have 32 stations here in the Bay Area so that makes them a voice to be reckoned with in my book. Rotten Robbie is only offering the B-20 blend of bio-diesel at I believe 7 of it’s stations according to the Rotten Robbie website, which still puts them in 1st place among local gas station offering B-20 bio-diesel at the pump.

B-20 bio-diesel is a mixture (or blend) of 20% bio-mass and 80% regular petroleum based diesel. It can run in any diesel engine car or truck without modifications to the engine or fuel systems. Rotten Robbie sells the B-20 for the same price as regular diesel fuel so don’t get too excited…’s no bargain! But if you choose to buy B-20, then you’re taking an environmentally correct step in the direction of global responsibility… get a Gold Star!

New Sharks Logo

SharksLogo01.jpgThis season all NHL teams will be wearing sleeker, lighter, more durable hockey uniforms from Reebok. With the new sleeker look, many teams are redesigning their logos, I am sure to much delight in the merchandizing department.

The Sharks today unveiled their updated logo (shown are the old and new logos). My first reaction was “Yuck!” I think there is a bit too much teal on the shark. I do like that in some variations there is a full shark. The word-mark logo looks a bit too college.

There was also a redesign of the Sharks Web site. All NHL sites will have the same look. The MLB did that a few years back and now I think one of the worst sports sites to visit.

New Sweaters


Lost and Found pets: What to do

Daisy, daisyLast week we had an adorable two year-old Basset Hound for a house guest. She was wandering around collarless near a busy intersection by our house in Morgan Hill. We picked her up and began the quest to find the owners.

Of course, what exactly should you do if you find an animal which you’ve determined is safe and friendly? The flyer-on-the-pole is one approach, yet there are other ways to report a lost or found pet.

1. Call your local Animal Control (the police or sheriff can redirect you) to file a found (or lost) animal report. This never initially occurred to us as we have the thought that Animal Control = Impound and Put Down. You’ll learn about jurisdictions when you call. When we called Morgan Hill Police, they first had to determine if we were in city limits or unincorporated Santa Clara County, so they could properly route our call. (Anyone who lives in those old areas near Westfield Valley Fair are technically not in San Jose, but Santa Clara County, and the same applies to parts of the South Valley).

As an aside, pets found in Morgan Hill are not necessarily able to be taken to the San Martin animal shelter, but San Jose instead. San Martin is for animals found in unincorporated areas around town. San Martin still took the report since logic would dictate that they might be the first place people would call due to its proximity.

2. Have the animal scanned by law enforcement or a vet. Many pets have a microchip implanted in their back or neck which has a serial number, which can assist in the recovery and identification of a missing pet. Unfortunately, this Basset had no chip.

3. If you are lucky enough to live near a pet groomer (we have two), take the animal in (or take a picture of it)…never know who might have a thing for a certain type of animal (I notice Dachshunds as a rule, and who is walking them).

4. Flyers and Craigslist might work, although Flyers tend to be immediate and on-the-spot.

5. See if there is a local club if you find a dog that has a clear breed association. We could tell this was a pure-bred and started looking up local dog clubs for the breed.

We were informed that technically and legally, if you maintain shelter and possession of an animal for five days, and you have taken steps to find the owner, the animal becomes yours.

After four days of caring for her (and dealing with her new found status of being ‘in-season’, heh), we were able to track down the owners by way of an e-mail address from a Mercury News web listing, which we traced to the owners’ MySpace page, something we didn’t quite expect to be the final outcome.

It was sad to see her go, as we (and our neighbors and their kids), began to consider what would happen next. Would we keep her? Would our neighbors keep her? Would we contact a local Basset club to find her a home?

Her name? Daisy. We miss her a little, but we’re happy she’s home.

Harry Potter

After Midnight

Who knew that Safeway, Hamilton and Meridian, would have 6 boxes of the new Harry Potter.

The Story is Strange

point up

Want to be with a wild crowd at midnight on Saturday night? At a place where you and your boyfriend can both dress up in garters (or in this case mouse ears) to watch and participate along with a disturbingly psyched out movie? That’s why one of my friends came all the way up from Los Angeles.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is about the strange things that happen to a couple of clean cut engaged kids, Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) and Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon), after they find themselves lost on a proverbial dark and stormy night. Seeking a phone, they enter the bizarre world of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry).

will you

Enter at Your Own Risk… 

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