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Yesterday morning I managed to make it to The Tech Museum in time catch most of an exclusive press event launching an exhibit of the top 25 inventions of 2007. A panel of three Hall of Fame Inductees Jim Fergason, Tom Fogarty and Ted Hoff were just winding up their advice to inventors. One tip offered was, don’t be afraid to make mistakes but at the same time know when to give up and move along to another project.

I spoke with Mr. Fergason, inventor of the first practical use of liquid crystals. LCD technology has been an important part of many consumer products, and one of my favorite 1970s fad, the ever fun device used to respond to thermal patterns and converting them to visible patterns-better know as the Mood Ring. Liquid crystals are now in alarm clocks, digital watches, radios, calculators, laptop computer screens, flat-panel TVs, cell phones, and iPods. Mr. Fergason and I discussed the importance of nuclear energy until he was needed for a group photo. Jim Fergason top row to the left-red tie.

Dr. Xiangfeng Duan

Dr. Xiangfeng Duan (Nanowire Thin-Film Transistor) helped me to understand his invention of large-area flexible electronics. His ideas seem to cover a wide range of applications.

I recommend a visit to The Tech anytime, but this exhibit shouldn’t be missed. (Now through March 28th) Modern Marvels on the History Channel

The Tech

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